Our main program centre around  EDUCATION, HEALTH  and CHILD PROTECTION   to achieve our goals we implement a  number of projects  all designed to improve the living conditions of most vulnerable children in the community and their families


                     In our Education program we  run a very successful and effective  project in the community called   Back to school campaign (BSC) The  project through sponsorship and supply of other much needed educational needs helps to integrate back  into school children from disadvantaged background forced to drop out of school due to their vulnerability, our community based research shows that in every five vulnerable children three are forced to miss school twice a week due to either missing food previous night or lack of schooling materials, some of them will never return to school unless someone does something, the program also helps to find schooling opportunities for children of school age who have never have had a chance for school

                  Back to School campaign project supports  over 400  children every year with educational needs that helps children start school, keep  children in school or go back to school after they were forced to drop out by lack of educational support due to their vulnerability

             Deograthius (7) lives with his old grandmother in Kakerege village on the Island , both his parents died of HIV, he is in the first year of Primary school but does not attend regularly as his classmates make fun of what he wears as he didn’t have school uniforms, When he received LVC support uniforms and shoes he was  very excited going  back to school and showing off his new uniform , Deograthias often go to bed hungry  as  his very old grandmother can not work which makes life for them a daily struggle,

                     ‘Am very excited cant wait to go back to school tomorrow;       


       Help us in our community efforts  to give most vulnerable children an Education

£4= Will purchase a pair of uniform to enable a vulnerable child go to school

£6 = Will purchase a pair of shoes to help a child start school again

£ 1= Will buy  8 exercise books to support a child education

£ 60= Will sponsor a vulnerable child into secondary education for a year , school fee and other  school needs



            In the Health Program we implement Health Action Project . We believe that the  Health of an individual is built at childhood, many vulnerable children on the Island are at a very high risk of suffering  malaria  and malnutrition,  through our projects in the community we have discovered that vulnerable children often go to bed hungry and have absolutely no chance to access nutritious food let alone having any enough food to eat ,

             Besides providing education to vulnerable children families on Malaria and  the importance of good nutrition to children we  supply  mosquito nets to poor families to help combat malaria  , packetc  of Highly Nutritious flour to disadvantaged children in rural and remote areas on the Island, the project reaches  and saves  over  250 children  every year

   As part of our Health Action Project to fight Malaria  in children and pregnant mother in the community  provision of Education on Malaria prevention goes hand in hand with distribution of mosquito nets to poor families 


   The Health Action project has turned many children’s lives around ,  Fighting malnutrition on Ukerewe ISLAND remains one of our key goals (LVC team)


                Help us in our community efforts  to improve Health in most vulnerable children

£ 3 =   Will buy a Mosquito net to help prevent Malaria in one very poor family

£1.5 = Will buy a  packet of highly nutritious flour to help  prevent malnuttrition in a child

£ 20 = Will help deliver education  to  150 families on  prevention of Malaria and Malnutrition


                  Child Protection Program  focuses  on ensuring children’s rights in the community are respected and valued . we protect Children from all forms of abuse,  neglect ,exploitation and violence ,We achieve this  through  implementation of various  projects including Emergency life Assistance  which involves delivering urgently needed direct service to extremely pooor and needy  children  and familes example  food, cloths, Shelter etc  ,  Family economic empowerment   which involves training families self income generating project  so they can provide for the children under their care , Family Legal support (FLS) which involves providing basic legal  help  to vulnerable children;s families to help protect children suffering abuse , exploitation etc , the program  program reaches and helps over  230 every year in many different ways.



           Hemed 9 lives with his dad in the outskirts of Nansio, Hemed constantly suffers abuse in the hands of his violent father, If he missed Madrasa (Islamic classes) he gets beaten and tied to a tree the whole day, when we learnt about the incident we visited the family and talked to the father about domestic violence and how it affects children, we explained how punishment was not a workable solution to getting a child to listen, we also reported the matter to the local leaders in the area who warned Hemed’s father of legal consequence if he continued with his behavior . One months later Hemed was living happily with his dad who changed his ways and has never experienced any further violence.


      Help us in our community efforts  to  improve and restore lives  of  most vulnerable children

£ 2 =  Will buy food enough to feed  a  disadvantaged child for  one week

£ 2 = will buy a disdvantaged child  cloths to wear

£ 5 = will buy a poor child a blanket to cover at night

£ 10 = Will help us deliver basic  family legal  help to help defend a child or poor family rights

£ 200 = Will  help build a basic house to shelter   a very poor family without a house