August 2013 LVC received  three volunteers from  NO SOLO FILMS  A spanish CBO ,  volunteers  spent  about a week with us mainly helping us with empowering children and LVC members taking photos and video about their lives and environment, this was an exciting occasion for children who really enjoyed learning how to use camera , children photographed their school  and homes and families,

                              LAKE VICTORIA CHILDREN 2013

               A new year has begun at LVC, Center re opened for children Tuesday 8 January 2013 ,For us a new year means integrating children old enough from our centre into Community school to start Primary school, even with this stage we do not leave the children alone, we continue to monitor their well being there and make sure they have everything they need to perform better there, we offer them uniforms, exercise books throughout their time at Primary school, Children on regular basis do visit the centre to see how other children are doing and share with us their experience there and this is the time for our team to discover how best we can carry on supporting them so they can do better in their studies, this year 2013 we have integrated 21 children from our centre into community Primary school, those still too young to join primary school do stay on until they are old enough

             Putting children old enough from our centre into Primary school gives us opportunity to bring in new vulnerable children from the community, we have started receiving new children and we hope to have a good number of children in the next few months, we work close with the community to identify most needy children to benefit from our services and this is giving us strong support from the community




                             LVC OUTREACH PROGRAMS 2013

 As you are aware of our outreach programs to which we remain committed in 2013, this constitutes the major and significant part of our organization activities, this is how in essence we connect with the issues affecting our society, we achieve this in coordination with our village based ambassadors who work voluntarily for us in their villages, and we feel as an organization we achieve so much through these programs , we do not often give tangible goods to people but we help create awareness around issues most pressing in the community including, care for vulnerable children in the community, Education, Health , economic empowerment etc we achieve these through Education to community, Campaign and Advocacy . in 2013 our outreach programs will be

  1. Back to school campaign (BSCP)
  2. Health Action Program (HAP)
  3. Family economic empowerment (FEEP)
  4. Family legal support (FLSP)






              During summer August this year 2012 we were visited by Volunteers from Rotary Club International UK, they volunteered with our organization helping the people of Ukerewe Island, we together did a number of home visits giving basic needs to vulnerable children and their families, we provided uniforms and shoes to help vulnerable children get education , we also provided books to community schools and materials to vocational training centres on Ukerewe Island


  Our visitors worked hard helping to provide everything they could to improve conditions at our children centre

An amazing library was created for children, this has improved the children story telling session, the teacer reads out strories to children from a book, children ask questions and pick up lesson from stories

Our visitors provided our kitchen with amazing facilities this has transformed children food preparation,

Children out singing and having fun

Out reach program was done visiting needy families, providing basic needs to families deep in the villages, this was the ultimate experience for our visitors, this provided them with chance to meet people with support

Children enjoying food (Porridge)

Children enjoying learning, the tables donated by Rotary volunteers improved learning and made it great fun for the children, in the picture above a volunteer teacher is at hand teaching the children

Brenda, of rotary interantional having good time with the children