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Kamachumu Environment Care Association (KECA)

Kamachumu Environment Care Association (KECA)

Kamachumu, Muleba, Tanzania



We envision a world in which tropical rainforests thrive and support a balanced, healthy planet.

Our mission in thiscampaign is to protect tropical rainforests by partnering with people at global and local levels to create lasting solutions to deforestation.

We accomplish our core work, our in-country projects, by partnering with indigenous rainforest communities to help them make a sustainable income that allows them to protect their forests and their way of life.

We employ a collaborative, results-driven work model that enables the communities to have an active role in the design and implementation of their businesses leading to a long term viable management of the projects by themselves. By using market-based approaches to promote these products locally and elsewhere in Tanzania, the sales of these goods and services enable the communities to financially secure their future and provide them a platform to protect their forest lands from outside interests.

We are currently planning working with indigenous communities in the Biharamulo Protected rainforest in Kagera regional in Tanzania, to develop bottom-up economic opportunities, by helping them revive and create products made out of materials endemic to the forest and develop services that are unique to their regional.

This core work will be supported by other activities that raise awareness, move people to action, and generate revenue for our projects. Our education activities raise awareness of the need for rainforest conservation through partnerships with individuals, organizations, governmental entities to foster changes in everyday practices that impact rainforests. We will employ a range of media such as film and sound to convey the importance of tropical rainforests. And we harness our media platforms to support and amplify all of these efforts.

Together we are will support over 214,744 people, protecting 197,782 acres of rainforest, preserving 2,331,249,556 trees and storing nearly 741,683 tons of Co2.

KECA, founded in Kamachumu Muleba Kagera, Tanzania in June 2009, is a nonprofit organization.

Thirteen dead and more than 200 injured in 5.7 in Bukoba Kagera Tanzania earthquake

At least 13 people have been killed and 203 injured in north-west Tanzania in a 5.7 magnitude earthquake, local authorities said.

“The toll has climbed from 11 people dead to 13 and from 192 injured to 203,” said Deodatus Kinawilo, district commissioner for Bukoba, the town close to the epicentre of the quake that struck on Saturday September 10th

Residents of Bukoba had said that some houses had caved in, and Augustine Ollomi, the Kagera province police chief in charge of the Bukoba district, said rescue operations were ongoing.

The epicentre of the quake was about 15 miles (25km) east of the north-western town of Nsunga on the border of Lake Victoria, according to the US Geological Survey.

Earthquakes are fairly common in the Great Lakes region but are almost always of low intensity.

An AFP correspondent in Dar es Salaam whose mother’s family lives in Bukoba said 10 family houses had collapsed. “My brother was driving around town, suddenly he heard the ground shaking and people starting running around and buildings were collapsing,” he said.

The quake rattled the entire province of Kagera. Parts of Mwanza region further south also felt the quake but there was no impact, he said.

No damage had been reported in the economic capital, Dar es Salaam, which is located about 1,400km south-east of Bukoba. “It’s safe in Dar but we are still worried about the safety of our family,” the AFP correspondent added. “The regional hospital is overwhelmed and can’t handle any more patients.Emergency operations are poor and the government isn’t saying anything,” he said.


ABAMOI a group supported by KECA


One of farm of our group we support


           TIME FOR CHANGE   21st Century

THIS IS ONE OF UNFINISHED SCIENCE LAB BUILDING IN KAMACHUMU SCHOOLS: LEARNING TO DEVELOP THE LIFE OF CHILD-GIRL AND THE COMMUNITY. THERE IS NO FREEDOM TO DO ANYTHING. KECA in Kamachumu village intend to send more young rural and tribal girls in literacy, health, agriculture, culture, community service and vocational such as tailoring. Because of gender unfairness, in village girls like Kamachumu are generally seen as unworthy of investment or protection by their families. The girls will gain confidence and become agents of social change. Seeks to improve education for disadvantage children in rural and slum schools Muleba district using simple, appropriate technology, outside and local resources Help students expand and integrate their academic excellence, their character strength, their conflict resolution services to humanity . In response to the dire need for quality secondary education especially for girls. Initially the girls are in difficult situation as they traveling each and every day from their home villages is difficult and dangerous. Programme needs: 1. Students scholarship 2. Educational assistance for teachers, 3. Classroom and science lab buildings and lab equipments 4. Drainage and oxidation ponds and association works for sewage 2. To help youths become agent of change equipped both academically and in the quality of their characters to contribute to their family, community and nation’s development


The children in class rooms


The child-girls in the class room


The situation of that school, the class rooms sre not built up with bricks/brocks


A teacher at one of school in Kamachumu village Muleba Kagera region in TANZANIA teaching in hardship situation but the children have no chair or desk to seat

One out of many unifinished labaratory room to our local secondary schools in Kamachumu village, Muleba district