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Kamachumu Environment Care Association (KECA)

Kamachumu Environment Care Association (KECA)

Kamachumu, Muleba, Tanzania

Is a Non Government Organization (NGO) initiated association established June 2009 in Kamachumu area and operating from Kamachumu, Muleba, Kagera TANZANIA. Became registered under Tanzania NGO Act Section (11) Act 24 of 2002 with a NGO certificate registration No.00003761 of February 2010. The focus is on recognizing the government efforts in protecting environment (including forests, land, water sources, vegetation and surrounding reefs, lakes and ocean beds within the line of Tanzania borders and establishment of permanent tree nurseries and education.



3 YEARS KECA PLAN-2010/2013

-To plant one million (1000000) tree in Kagera region Tanzania
-To raise awareness to the community about the conservation of natural resources and how to preserve the climate change                                                                                               To help disadvantages and orpharnage and poor students needs to attend school

-Your support/ donation
-A strong collaboration from the community through Village Management Commitee (VMC)
-The successful of local techniques after have new ideas
-To hear, learn and share successful stories cases and interested programmes and adopt the best experience from partners.
-A strong assistance from the government sectors through capacity building etc

-Increased knowledge for local people on participatory approaches, different community aspect, challenges and best experience from VMC.
-Documentation, assessments are improved and reliable.
-Have a website and an Information Center to have all information related to KECA and be posted onto KECA's website and to the Information Center to be shared by stake-holders, partners and the community in other hand
-Through field learning, community would be able to be modified and practice successful from other fellows in their understandings
- To improve service delivery, self confidence and demand within the association stake-holders and partners.

Donation contact kecassoc@gmail.com