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Zanzibar, Tanzania

FDF has different sustainable projects that are:-

Environmental Conservation .

Computer programmes skill (youth and Children programmes )

Earl education ( Kindagat school )

English, Germany, France and Italy cause


Mnemba Island lodge and a local villager, share a passion for protecting the sea
turtles and began working together. Green sea turtles live in tropical and subtropical
seas around the world, and can be found throughout the entire range of the Indian Ocean
including the waters around Zanzibar. They are green in color because of the fat underneath
their shell which turns green as a result of an algae based diet. Sea turtles migrate long
distances to return to their natal beach to lay their eggs. Their biggest threats are
commercial fishing and human harvesting of turtles and their eggs.

Since the inception of the Matemwe Sea Turtle Conservation Project, it is estimated that
40,000 turtle eggs have been protected and safely released into the sea upon hatching.
Instead of interfering with nests, or taking the eggs for human consumption (as was
common practice), villagers now contact Bakari immediately upon discovering a new nesting
place, where he will move the eggs to a safe nesting site. There is a nesting site on your right as you walk down to the beach from the Matemwe
To encourage this practice, villagers are rewarded with a Finder’s Fee for each nest they
report. This financial reward helps them pay for medicine, hospital, family matters, and
improve lifestyle.

How you can help: Donate a mosquito net to a village member. You can purchase a net at reception for $15 and deliver it yourself or
ask the lodge to deliver it on your behalf.
Participate: Visit the nesting area on Matemwe beach. Inquire at reception about
the current sea turtle activity. Sometimes it is possible to watch the baby turtles
hatch and head for the sea.
How you can help: Donate a ‘finders fee’  and help save a
nest of eggs. For ongoing research and records, we are looking for a
small digital camera for the project, if you have an extra camera or wish to buy one for the project
in Stone Town, they can be purchased for about $500. Key to the conservation of the Turtle is
awareness of the species plight amongst the Matemwe village youth, sponsor an educational presentation in the village