Community Suport Mission(CSM)

Community Suport Mission(CSM)

Dar ES salaam, Tanzania

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The main objectives or Mission of the CSM is To cancel the three main enemies:
1, Ignorance
2, Poverty,
and disease
to establish a poverty reducing projects amoung in Tanzanian society through:

Provide training to empower a person or persons of understanding what scattering to solve their challenges

Providing support material, machines, or different materials
Seeks out marketing of the products that they produce

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Community Suport Mission(CSM) yakoze Imishinga paje.
CSM deals with the functions of: – Train Agri Business in collaboration with various stakeholders, – Look for farmers... Soma ibindi
18 Kamena, 2016
Community Suport Mission(CSM) yakoze Amateka paje.
Actually we started this volunteer work to help the community since 2004 in Karagwe District, Kagera... Soma ibindi
18 Kamena, 2016
Community Suport Mission(CSM) yasanze Envaya.
18 Kamena, 2016
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Dar ES salaam, Pwani, Tanzaniya
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