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Country Community Development Initiative

Country Community Development Initiative

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Country Community Development Initiatives (COCODEI) is a youth ran and led non governmental organization registered on 17th October 2000 under the Society Ordinance, 1954, No 10609 and complying in 2011 with reg No 00001417. This is the typically youth led organization implement youth – targeted projects that also involve adults (parents, teachers, local government leaders and community in general as partners).

The organization’s programmes themes include; Advocacy in different issues, HIV/ AIDS, Entrepreneurship, Sexual and Reproductive Health under HBRA, Youth Life skills, Gender, Environmental issues, Good governance, Youth Empowerment, culture, Capacity Building and access to information and education.

COCODEI has good experience and capacity in implementing young people’s projects for in and out of school and college, different groups (like women and children) in the community, and joint activities for young people, women and special groups to provide education, trainings and information.

COCODEI is in a final stage of developing five years strategic plan which will provide a road map for organization as well as its programs, Different policies which guide organization operations are in place, we also have skills in project management, monitoring and evaluation, financial management and advocacy. COCODEI employ more than 10 staffs in its different projects and have more than 25 volunteers from different high learning institutions and local communities who have wide and clear understanding on different issues relating to our Tanzania community.

 COCODEI has a Technical team which voluntary support the process.




 ADULTS (Women, Men, local government and religious leaders etc.)

 CHILDREN (in schools, out of school young people, orphans, MOVC)



An empowered society free from rooted oppressive ideologies. 


To promote creative open initiatives with regard to welfare and development of young people and vulnerable groups through facilitative processes for sustainable change.



  • Carry out advocacy campaigns on quality services for young people and vulnerable groups in the community.
  • Conduct Gender, Life skills, HRBA and HIV/AIDS interventions programs to different groups like CSW, MSM and IDUs in the community and in workplace.
  • Advocacy and capacity building in entrepreneurship for women and youths.
  • Capacity building in Human Rights, democracy, civic education, good governance and corruption curbing through training, workshops, different events and IEC materials.
  • Implement life skills/peer education sessions and outreach through sports and theatre arts for in and out of school young people.
  • Conduct Gender based violence advocacy, trainings and campaigns to different groups especially women.
  • Support for orphans and most vulnerable children.
  • Conduct in and out of school life skills building and prevention campaigns.
  • Carry out home visits to youth / PLHAs. (home based care)
  • Conduct different studies for social improvement, Collect data, process, and report to potential stakeholders
  • Do community sensitization and mobilization for behaviour change.



  • To address issues of young people’s development through advocacy, empowerment and mobilization approaches.
  • To reinforce, promote and advocate for young people and vulnerable groups like women of sub-populations on the provision of assessable and affordable, friendly and improved quality of entrepreneurship, health care services and treatment of opportunistic infections and ART focusing Human Rights Based Approach.
  • To advocate for the social rights of women, young people and different vulnerable groups of sub-populations in collaboration with different stakeholders.
  • To promote gender equality and empowerment of women, young people and vulnerable groups of sub-populations in all socio-economic issues and access to equality of health care.


  • Building Community Services and encourage set up of polices that promote community involvement in order to improve the quality of life and the wellbeing of the people.
  • To mobilize society in cooperation with  prominent stakeholders and development partners to identify community  problems, layout possible  strategic solution and act accordingly in the areas of health , education, policy making, legal, accountability, human rights, poverty alleviation, gender , vulnerable children and the disadvantages.


Governing body of COCODEI consists of 10 active and highly experienced people with different development skills. Governing body members have 10 - 30 years’ experience in national and international development issues. This body is working on

(a). Setting the policy for the organization. This is done by:

  • Creating or updating the mission and vision statements
  • Determining the organization’s programs and services.
  • Approving the strategic plan.

(b). Monitoring the organization’s operations:

 Hiring and periodically evaluating the organization’s Executive Director.

  • Working with and providing support to the executive.
  • Approving the annual budget, annual reports, etc.
  • Approving major contracts and grants.
  • Soliciting and reviewing program evaluations.

(c). Serving as a public figure for the organization

  • Fundraising by directly donating to the non-profit and soliciting donations from others.
  • Advocating for the organization.


(d). Fulfilling other board responsibilities

  • Documenting policies and decisions to create an organizational memory.
  • Preparing for and attending board meetings.
  • Replacing and orienting board members when a vacancy arises.



The following are our valued partners; there constant support to us helped progressing towards our mission.







Additional field Partners

DMO, CHAC, Municipal development officer, social work officer, Local Government authorities (Villages, Wards, Districts),