Dear Mr. Phil – Director of Water For Africa


Children care development organization (CCDO) is a non-governmental organization gears towards changing the community through care, respects and love, need for making the child come out of hopelessness by creating a conducive environment towards meaningful and progressive life. The CCDO was started on 13th October 2010 at Mkimbizi area. The main aim of this organization was taking care to orphans, children living in a difficult environment and girls who have lost hope because of early pregnancy. At the beginning we have started with caring of orphans, in 2015 we had 6 orphans (2 boys and 4 girls) we started by giving then a preliminary education that is nursery school. By the time we are having 105 orphans (43 boys and 62 girls).

Dear guest of honor we thank you and your team of WATER FOR AFRICA for helping us to get a well because Nduli area has a big problem of getting water especially during a dry season. The government through Iringa Rural and Urban Water Sanitation (IRUWASA) does not supply enough water to meet the needs of water to the people of Nduli area. Therefore this well will help our school and the community around us, for that we say thank you very much may GOD bless you on that.

On the side of girls and children living in difficult environment we gave them information and communication technology (ICT) and Tailoring skill. A program which has stopped due to the scarcity of money to pay to the instructors.

Dear guest of honor in any success there are challenges which can interfere or hinder the whole program, the following are the challenges we are facing in this center;

Firstly, transportation of children from their home to our school. We have a school bus capable of carrying 35 pupils at a time, this make us to have more than two routes of carrying children to school, this means we need to have a digger school bus than that we have now at least that will be capable of carrying 65 pupils at a time which will make us have one route to school and it will make us start lessons at a right time.

Secondly, we have a scarcity of buildings for our common use, for example we don’t have a dining hall for children to use when they are eating, by this time they either use their classes because it is a rainy season otherwise they just stay outside. But also we don’t have a favorable kitchen building with all its accessories and also we don’t have a workshop, we have accessories but we don’t have a suitable place for training, if we could have a workshop it could be better.

In order to manage this dear guest of honor we need sponsorship, so we kindly beg you to be our sponsor so as to make things go smoothly. And we beg you if you can help us in getting volunteers teachers and trainers who will help us in teaching and training in our center.

Dear guest of honor we have started building a new building for our school. Would you please go and lay a foundation stone so as to encourage us in our work and make us remember you whenever we read the foundation stone.

Let us thanks almighty God for making us alive and making us meet with you.


It’s we CCDO members

Thank you very much for listening us.


March 9, 2019
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Christian Christopher (Mwanza) said:

Hallow CCDO Team,
I'm soo much pleased of your efforts towards supporting the marginalised community by supplying them with water. Keep it up, and God is on your feet.

Christian Christopher of Mwanza.

April 18, 2019 (edited April 18, 2019)

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