Dear all,

CCDO has many children under its roof, mostly orphans.  All of them are being gathered throught the Iringa town with a one bus and a volunteer driver. Once they are gathered they go to a small house where two great, teachers (volunteers), teach them basic  things about mathematics, english and other. I have been there also and I must say that my heart grew a couple of sizes (like Grinch J ) just by looking at them and their joy of this world. beautiful eyes laughter but even some cries can make your day a couple of times better – You should try it!

 It is a hard job keeping 60-70 small children aged from 3 to 6 under control but teachers are doing that tough job like a professionals.

Right now we wish to give those children a better housing, better playground and a much more comfortable clasroom. We have a plan to build a school at Nduli for them and other children CCDO takes care ofhttp://www.givingway.com/organization/ccdo/?context=apply . If you wish for more details or have a interest to help us in any way, please contact me by e-mail :  childrencareorg1@gmail.com

Also if you are interested to make a donation here are the needed informations:

Account number: 60510019932

Account name: children care development organization (ccdo)

National microfinance bank - NMB Mkwawa, Swift code: NMB 1BTZTZ

February 20, 2017
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