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Computers 4 Africa

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Computers 4 Africa has contributed a lot to the development of children care development organisation since on March 2011 we have been received 1 container of computers for the project of reducing children poverty through practical ICT solutions as result many children coming from Mkimbizi Primary School with Iringa Municipality has been benefited from this project , not only that but also pupils from Kihesa, Mtwivila and Mkombozi primary schools has also benefited free internet services and training relating on how to prepare their home socio-economic profile, how to use computers in accounting and English. Soon you will meet with their photos and comments on how they benefited in this unique project to be conducted in Tanzania. Thank for your humanely aid to our most vulnerable orphans we care.



Wambi Dispensary is a non-profit organization, located at Mafinga town in Iringa Region of Tanzania. Wambi Dispensary is known as a Community oriented service delivery in health, it provides laboratory medical services, nursing, pediatric, Counseling, HIV testing, pharmacy, out-patient and in-patient and general health check up for both male and female, including the issues of water ,sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

Wambi Dispensary it was established in 1997, it has implemented several projects including the project of distributing tuberculosis medicines , condoms for adolescent teenagers, malaria campaign awareness raising, contraceptives pills, male circumcision, and reducing Mother-to-Infant Transmission of HIV.

Current the Wambi Dispensary interventions aimed at reducing MTCT target the peripartum period but their application in populations where breastfeeding is the norm presents considerable problems (2, 3). Effective interventions include the reduction of the maternal viral load through antiretroviral therapy, the avoidance of exposure to contaminated maternal secretions through delivery by elective caesarean section, and the avoidance of breastfeeding. Washing the birth canal with an antiseptic to reduce exposure to contaminated secretions also has some effect. Therefore, Wambi Dispensary is appealing to any individual, organizations, institutions and donors interested to come to work with us and support our local initiatives as the above. Also we invite international volunteers across the continent to come to work with us and also help us in project writing for our health center.

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We thank to your message and we should be happy to partnership with you. Please could you send to us a summary of your project and let us to work with your document by looking other means to help you in other way.

Majaliwa Mbogella

CCDO Chairperson & Hope 4 Tanzania - Director

P.O.Box 1751 Kihesa-Iringa,Tanzania.

Email: childrencareorg1@gmail.com



World Computer Exchange Program, lnc

World Computer Exchange Program, Inc is our partnership who gave us computers for the project of Empowering Disadvantaged Adolescent youth in Iringa Region through ICT reproductive health education promotion in schools. The given computers aid is used by Children Care Development Organisation to train School children on core life skills like the ability to make decisions, solve problems and think critically and creatively. Clarify and analyze values, communicate, including listen, build empathy, be assertive and negotiate.


The organisation is using those Ubuntu computers to teach these things on how the youth can explore different possibilities. Since we introduced computers in every component of CCDO activities we succeeded to hold adolescent youth in classes and there are no absentees unlike previous where computers were not inclusive in our activities there were many absentees and school drop pupils. Most of the learners have already improved their skills on how to develop WebPages, CDs in local language Swahili to educate adolescent youth and on March 2012 they will start to prepare their family profile and village profile by using digital camera and computer in which adolescent clubs will be formed in order to inspire adolescent youth “to build a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society, where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information and knowledge, enabling individuals, communities and peoples to achieve their full potential in promoting their sustainable development and improving their quality of life “.


Our aim is to maximize the dissemination, access and use of CDI through ICT. The modules to be developed will be the priority areas in achieving sustainable adolescent youth development, and include health, science and mathematics, entrepreneurship, agricultural productivity, livelihood, environment and resource management, access to justice (rule of law), among others. It was recommended that each child will have to start to publish their family profile on the end of March 2012 in this website just to create awareness to the donor on how this computer aid benefited those adolescent youth in Tanzania. We say thank you for caring us and God bless you. James 1:27 are referred from the Biblical interpretation.

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