Bright Future Cornerstone

Bright Future Cornerstone

Kigali, Rwanda

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Inspiring people explore their potential to contribute to their personal development and human welfare through knowledge sharing.


● Promote a culture of peer to peer knowledge sharing volunteerism activities to facilitate knowledge economy in developing communities,
● Help people to identify their talents and skills in order to a collaborative platform to work better and exchange ideas as well as increasing their confidence to help their families and the community,
● Meet and discuss as well as sharing information on entrepreneurship , leadership and life skills development to enhance self employment,
● Bring a basic Information Technology based training to contribute to the socio-economic development of the community,
● Promote financial literacy and income generation activities to up grade the living standard of the poor

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Sharing my Skills and knoweldge to empower other young people Helping to organise a recent training workshop for unskilled youths in Rwanda was a rewarding experience for David Masengesho, 25, a Commonwealth Correspondent and intern-trainer at an NGO based in Kigali. ... Soma ibindi
27 Werurwe, 2012
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y ESSENTIALS Programme – Focus to Success Internet Life Changing Opportunities Branding your P rofile and e Portofolio Project Management... Soma ibindi
15 Werurwe, 2012
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(brighter future graduates 20 youth in yessential program)
12 Werurwe, 2012
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Bright Future Cornerstone: – The art of story-telling is the art of deliberate creation. The story you’re telling is the life you are living. – You may not necessarily be aware of the stories that you are telling. That causes you to misunderstand why things appear in your life.... Soma ibindi
6 Werurwe, 2012
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6 Werurwe, 2012
Bright Future Cornerstone yasanze Envaya.
6 Werurwe, 2012
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Kigali, Umujyi wa Kigali, Rwanda
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