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Association of AIDS Widows in Tanzania -- ARUSHA BRANCH (AWITA)

Association of AIDS Widows in Tanzania -- ARUSHA BRANCH (AWITA)


ASSOCIATIONS OF AIDS WIDOWS  IN TANZANIA ;ARUSHA BRANCH(AWITA ARUSHA); is a widows Association non-organization located near Meru Mountain which is about 3km from Arusha to Moshi highway, In Usariver, Arusha region in East Africa whose head quater is Dar es salaam.AWTA ARUSHA is currently working with JERICHO ORPHANAGE HOME as a partiner organization the organization has no sponsor/donor and we are asking for someone who can sponsor or donate this widows.

This is unfortunately also a relatively poor area where most people have to struggle every day to make ends meet. Poverty, poor health, HIV/AIDS and massive unemployment are the main challenges people meet. Many women  are widowed with HIV/AIDS and are not able to care for them at all.

It was therefore in 2009 that BETHA ISAYA MKAMBA(The chairman and founder of AWITA ARUSHA) who also widowed and other organization member opened their doors to some of the destitute and widows in Arusha region to where previously she was working with AWITA DAR ES SALAAM brought an ideals to form a branch in arusha to help other widows around usariver arusha.

Some of the widows at AWITA ARUSHA House

  ASSOCIATIONS OF AIDS WIDOWS IN TANZANIA ARUSHA BRANCH;started by suppoting seven widows who come to ask for finacial capital for their micro bussiness in jericho orphanage home, but over the years the number of widows  increased, and now  AWITA ARUSHA caters for over 17 Widows and with their children orphaned with HIV good enough we help to accomodate their children in JERICHO ORPHANAGE HOME an orphanage at usa river arusha.

The widows are drawn mainly from every corner at Arusha town in some districts of our country. The organization offers the only real hope for some of Tanzania’s most damaged widows by providing them self relience skills. This unique residence provides the widows with a warm homely accepting environment and self relience  to help the widows come to terms with their experiences.

The organization  has now oprerating initially fine art  such as wood curving.  and we now demanding to have four sewing machine.

The association is run by AWITA ARUSHAMembers including all Social care people who love help, the Church and of course the community. The board makes various rules and regulations for the proper management and administration of the Trust.

Also we have the Bank accounts for the purposes of transparency

   ASSOCIATIONS OF WIDOWS WITH AIDS TANZANIA ARUSHA BRANCH was founded in 2009, but the idea of establishing an association was mooted by  betha isaya Who also a widowed in early 2009 in his family with one children  . back in 2010, he was touched by widows   in Arusha town at that time, and he therefore wrote a proposal for self relience skill program for widows from different NGO but he  dint get any self lience .

In 2010 betha isaya the chairman of  AWITA ARUSHA and the chirman of AWITA Dar es salaam formed an ideal venture to start a branch in ARUSHA.

  AWITA ARUSHA Currently proceed wood curving as a currently self relience

program . the program is constantly  needs high financial capital initially and products are sold to many cultural tour and wood curving in arusha the tourist town hear at arusha. and wanted to be able to do more projects such as sewing clothes,micro entrepreneurship etc.. Some of the widow approached to us and tell us they would like to go to sewing & computer school, but now the big question is where to get financial support.

Many of the women in arusha depends much on their husband for every things,to where it become a big problems when their husband die on spot they become psychologically damaged to where other demand to suicide thinking of how they can feed their children with zero job at the moment.
       Mathias had to leave the one by one widows supportstreet   because the sponsors were not ready . He felt, however, that he could trust God for His continued provisions and rather he changed every widows from poor alone thinking to  self relience concept thinking.

His objective was to give these widows a warmly association so they can share mission and objectives, a family,

These widows all have their own incredible stories of the hardships they have lived through as well as their own testimonies of how God spared them from a life of fear and uncertainty on the alone poor thinking.

  AWITA ARUSHA OFICE in Usa River, Arusha

  AWITA ARUSHA is now searching for sponsor/donor for initiall financial capital..