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African Youth and Orphan Relief and Progressive Organisation

African Youth and Orphan Relief and Progressive Organisation


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We, founding members of the African Youth and Orphan Relief and Progressive Organisation ( AYORPO ). Recognizing the inherent dignity and of fundamental human rights as the foundation of peace, freedom and justice.

Being mindful of the need to foster social and economic development of Children, Youth, Orphans, Albinos, Drug Addicts, and all Disadvantaged Groups in Tanzania; we realize and recognize our unique Responsibility for the development of the aforementioned groups in Tanzania.

We are deeply concerned with the need to join hands and share our talents and resources with other factors for the welfare of the aforementioned groups.

With this objective and upon realization of the urgency of this understanding,


Declare to establish and constitute AYORPO with a view of earnestly assisting Children, Youth, Albinos, and Other Disadvantaged Groups, services in Tanzania and also supplement the efforts endeavours undertaken by various authorities and bodies in the said field by mobilizing financial, materials and human resources.


African and Youth and orphan Relief and Progressive Organisation ( AYORPO ) is a Non- Governmental, Non- Political, Non- Religious and not for Profit-Making Organisation ( NGO ) dealing with Social Community for Youth, Children; Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Women and the Needy to raise them from their misery at National level as detailed on the profile.


African Youth and Orphan Relief and Progressive Organisation ( AYORPO ) was established in August , 2004 and officially registered as a Non- Governmental Organisation ( NGO ) as per NO. OO NGO/0538 on 11th November, 2005 in accordance with   Act NO 24  of  2002

Physical Address:

The Principal Office for transaction of the activities and affairs of AYORPO is physically located in TABATA CCM adjacent to OIL COM Petrol Station Tabata Road in Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam Region in the United Republic of Tanzania.




Social economic changes of the two decades have left many Tanzania Youths helpless and Vulnerable. The Government which is the largest single employer, has embarked on retrenchment Programme of retiring majority Public Employees and hiring fewer every year . Besides that HIV/AIDS epidemic, has killed many people who left youth who were dependable to them. In view of that many youth remained orphans, not assured of any reliable support, so they are confused.


AYORPO’s Vision is to have society in Tanzania where her youths will have the opportunity to grow well and mature physically ,mentally, socially and economically into a future Self supporting Tanzanians including their fellow Albinos.


AYORPO’s Mission is to care and support the youths through the difficult phase of Adolescence as orphans and or as neglected youths by their parents or foster parents or relatives and to wage war on killings of Albinos.


The main goal of AYORPO is to have vulnerable children and youths in school and out of school to explore by helping them facilitate them to pursue their goals with hope and to provide support to Albinos.

AYORPO’s  Chief Objectives:

  • To provide and advise Community on Social economic issues in collaboration with Government and other Local or International Organisations by conducting seminars/workshops to sensitize the community on the awareness of benefits of participation in the planning and implementation of projects or social economic development programmes such as in health, care, education and other basic productive necessities.
  • To disseminate and create awareness of relevant policies, Legislations and Civics rights at Grassroots levels so as to widen their understanding.
  • To provide and facilitate access of information to Small Scale Entrepreneurs about opportunities, appropriate technologies; ideas and challenges so that they can effectively address their development concern.
  • To stimulate social changes in a community to work towards poverty, eradication, good governance, increased transparency – in short Community empowerment.

AYORPO’s   Specific Objectives:

-          To educate Youths, Children, Orphans and Vulnerable children, Women and Disadvantaged people on the danger of HIV/AIDS, STIs, STDs and drug Abuse

-          To safeguard the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS ( PLHAS ) so as to improve the quality of their lives and protect everyone else in society against all forms of discrimination, Stigmatization and Social injustice.

-          To promote personal development through school education and informal education of youth, children, orphans and vulnerable children through diverse range of activities.

-          To liaise with local authorities in formulating remedial proposals affecting youth, children, orphans and vulnerable children, women and disadvantaged people.

-          To ensure that young people are taking up significant roles in bringing about change relating to development are as that affect their lives.

-          Provide protection, care and support to meet psychosocial and material needs of orphans and vulnerable children   ( OVC ).

-          To seek through discussion, pursuation and Grant Aid to secure changes and initiatives in line with Government policies and priorities.

-          To organize/support women and youths training in different trade such as Batik ( boutique ) making, tailoring, carpentry, to engaged in growingvarious types of vegetable and planting trees, brick making etc. to enable them self-supporting in adult life. In addition to organisation entrepreneurship training to enable the employed youths and orphans to start own business.

-          To become partner in informal learning process with youth, orphans vulnerable children, women and disadvantaged people on social issues to enable them to realise their own potential as individuals, and as members of the community.

-          To develop International Network for establishing useful linkages with respect to AYORPO’S goals and objectives.

-          To solicit grants from Donor Community, Civil society Organisations and International and Non-Governmental Organisations for the purpose of assisting youth, children, orphans and vulnerable children, women and disadvantaged people in line with Government policies

-          To educate children, youth, orphans and vulnerable children, women and disadvantaged people on the danger of Alcohol, Illicit drugs, STDs and HIV/AIDS. That HIV/AIDS, therefore, has serious implications for households in the community level and for national social and economic development.

-           To work through mobilizing the community in deciding, preparing, implementation and monitoring social and economic development programmes of their priority.

-          To promote self-help income generating projects and savings and credit schemes which would empower women economically and enable them support their families – paying school fees and materials, purchasing food stuff and other basic needs.

-          Strengthening the operating environment for women entrepreneurs through promotion and capacity building of women entrepreneur’s Association.

-          To reduce women on availability of credit facilities and how access business knowledge and entrepreneurship training opportunities. These will help to improve the society living standard.

-          Promote reducing inequities in access to health, education and water according to gender, age, income and geographical location, to educate the community on the fight against malaria and TB pandemic .

-          To encourage and support community self-help group productive programmes for realization of their social economic development.

-          To provide sexual and reproductive health sessions in primary and secondary schools, and out of school-youth, orphans and vulnerable children and communities at large.