Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri


Vocational school

ASED which stands for “l'action de secours pour les enfants en difficulté“, in English “the organization for children in need”, was founded in 2005. Our non-governmental organization in Musanze District, Remera, was accomplished due to the help of many volunteers and momentarily accommodates 56 children. ASED helps children through psychological care, education, socially and fulfilling their basic needs. Therefore, the children have the possibility of reintegrating into community and their families and having a brighter future.


Having children at ASED center with different backgrounds makes it difficult to give specific information on their conditions. In brief, ASED takes care of children who grow up in very poor living-conditions with no parents, only one parent or other family members. To ASED it is necessary to give these children the chance of moving out of their conditions and reintegrating them back into society in order to have a good future with job, family and a home. Our ambitions are to have a place for the children in need where they feel appreciated, at home, always welcome, supported in every way, gain guidance and feel sheltered. ASED takes care of the children’s' basic needs, for instance, food, water, education, clothes, medical and psychological care. By fulfilling these basic needs the children have a better chance of achieving their wishes in life and being a step closer out of poverty.