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Mtopepo ,Zanzibar, Tanzania

Organization Profile

ZCGF is an autonomous non-governmental organization, non-political, non-religious and non profit making organization.

It is solely registered and dedicated for the improvement of talent and capacity building of Zanzibar youth generation.

ZCGF was established in 2005 and offers services such as an education center on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, drugs abuse, prevention and human trafficking as well as environmental issues.

In doing so, the ZCGF strive for mutual participation in economic, social, human rights, awareness on HIV/AIDS, fighting against drug abuse, identification and assistance to victims of human trafficking on psychological counseling, legal assistance, vocational training.

It also serves for centre information sharing, organizing workshops, seminars and symposium, publishing booklets, posters, training camps and enhance cooperation with national and international youths.

ZCGF accepts the following values: team work, volunteers, equality, trust, integrity, mutual respect, equity, fairness, avoid discrimination, mutual participation and sharing.


ZCGF was formed in 2006 by five volunteers youths who committed for tackling the current disasters facing youths, women and children and finding the alternative strategies to overcome the challenges and make them aware on related issues for the sustainable development.

Well educated youths, women and children are the power for social and economic sustainable growth in Zanzibar and all over the world in general.

"Invest in education for children, youths and women for poverty eradication and trafficking in person (TIP)."

Organization Structure


Main objectives:

  • self help basis
  • respective of laws
  • transparence and accountability
  • avoid conflicts of interest

Mission Statement

To help building the capacities of Zanzibar youths, children and women in prevention of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and poverty reduction to provide the opportunities for quality life and good health through education.


Well educated, empowered and fully involved young generations in decision making for attainment of strong generations which are free from HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and epidemic diseases for stable economic growth and sustainable development.

Overall Goals

The overall goals of the ZCGF is to provide young generation with deep knowledge in various important matters and cross cutting issues so that Zanzibar generation become strong and productive for the country economic prosperity and individual income increased.

Strategic Goals

In a view of creating effective collaboration with its stakeholders and creating conducive environment for the ZCGF to realize its vision, ZCGF activities will be directed towards achieving the following strategic goals and targets of the five year plan.




Zanzibar Current Generation Forum (ZCGF) © Mtopepo, Zanzibar 2009

June 1, 2011
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