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Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization (ZAFAYCO)

Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization (ZAFAYCO)

Zanzibar, Tanzania

In late december 2011,ZAFAYCO was officially registered in Zanzibar by the Government Registrar with only 13 members. Due to different difficulties faced by youth of different areas in Zanzibar, ZAFAYCO arise to help youth facing and winning against those difficulties. Some major achievements of ZAFAYCO are:

1.ZAFAYCO managed to do small research on entrepreneurship.

2.ZAFAYCO has it own office.

3.ZAFAYCO managed to  accomplish social training like giving education to youth about drugs

4. ZAFAYCO accomplished the project titled as ''The role of youth on sustaining the government of national unity in Zanzibar in 2013''.

4.In 2014 ZAFAYCO completed various training on entrepreneurship and working as organizing agent on bringing changes in Gando Constituency by helping young people and women initiating small economic ventures in collaboration with Zanzibar Entrepreneurship Program Company (ZEPCO)

5. In 2014, ZAFAYCO launched the special program to help form four failure to resit exams successfully, ZIRO program.

6. ZAFAYCO in 2014 started the special program of computer training in rural schools for teachers and students. This program is still running.

7. In 2015, ZAFAYCO assisted the project of training young politicians nominated by their parties to successfully campaign and being democratic and effective leaders.

8. ZAFAYCO in partnership with Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) conducted the project titled as ''Kijana na kura yako''in 2015 general election.

9. In collaboration with Restless Development Tanzania, ZAFAYCO developed Tanzania youth manifesto 2015-2020.

10. Currently ZAFAYCO engaged much in the issues of techno-governance, data literacy as well as countering extremism by building peace makers and peace ambassadors.

11. ZAFAYCO engaging in human rights promotions by creating human rights ambassadors in Zanzibar.

12. Zanzibar as an island which is prone to climate changes effects, ZAFAYCO has decided to take actions to save the life of this precious island.