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Financing local climate change adaptation projects and programme

Zanzibar Civil Society Alliance on Climate Change (ZACCA) (Zanzibar, Tanzania)
25 Septemba, 2016 14:39 EAT

Zanzibar Climate Change Alliance has launched the online contribution campaign supporting climate change adaptation projects and programmes


Zanzibar Climate Change Alliance (ZACCA) has launched special campaign to assist rural poor and marginalised community to adapt impact of climate change. The support will assist 300,000 households including women headed households severely impacted by climate change to improve their level of understanding and creat environmentally sound livelihood means that will improve their income, The contribution will also directed in education, advocacy, communication, lowcarbon development including alternative energy sources for rural poort in Zanzibar.

The contribution is welcomed in kind of materials, finance, human resources including capacity building that will assist to improve the resilience of respective community and their environment. ZACCA will use use the contribution in supporting small scale projects relating livelihoods and energy while education will also given special considerations.

ZACCA has great expewrience on dealing with local adaptation where the piloted community of Charawe, South Unguja and Donge, North Unguja have demostrated very good perfomance and experience in working with rural poor to improve their livelihood and adapting aginst impact of climate change.

 The earlier contribution were directed in climate smart agriculture, mangroves restoration, education and beekeeping projects.

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