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Youth Alive Tanzania (YAT) is a Faith Based Organization, an evangelical movement for youth ministering, founded by the late father Georges Marie Loire in April 14th,1994. YAT is a voluntary organization, non political which is not for  profit sharing, working under the Catholic Archdiocese of Dar es salaam registered  under Trustee incopration ordinance(cap 375) of Tanzania revised laws.

Youth Alive implements her objectives through two departments namely Youth Alive Club (YAC) and Youth and Parents Crisis Counselling Centre (YOPAC).

Youth Alive advocates Behavior change and Abstinence. Behavior change and abstinence are effective, viable possible and cheap. All members of the community if decide to go back to their moral values and norms, give top priority to the dignity of human being, change their behavior and or abstain, this will measure individuals’ self control at its pick hence reduce more spread of HIV. We believe behaviour change is possible.

As Goal :

1. Helping children, young people and adults in crisis through counselling 

2. Enhancing community competence and awareness on HIV/AIDS issues

3. Implementation of interventions that address the needs and rights of patients living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) and OVC/CABA

4. Community empowerment for quality service provision of psychosocial care and support  to OVC/CABA and PLHA.