Corridor Institute - Tanzania

Corridor Institute - Tanzania

Songea, Tanzania

Uru rupapuro ruragaragazwa mu rurimi rw'umwimerere Icyongereza. Edit translations

The Institute's mission is to enable the society to prosper social, economic, political and cultural talents and be able to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and other choices and cater for assistance to any of its disadvantaged vulnerable through;

  • Being a source for finance for the development of the clients and the society at large for the improvement of the welfare and development;
  • Associating and participating with other groups which are involved in the development of the nation in socio-economical developmental activities and provide assistance in talent development, education and other projects involving the society;
  • Educating the society concerning the crosscutting issues and educative enlightenment, economic opportunity, and building capacity to intellectual freedom;
  • Strengthening and protecting private interests of every stakeholder in poverty eradication;
  • Associating with other groups, organization or societies in the advocacy of activities and policies which emphasize on bringing development to the society;
  • Investing in the service oriented private sector in the social, economic, political and cultural and establish various occupational units for enabling the society to benefit from the services of the Institute.
  • Building and maintaining good co-operation and relationship among the members of the society.
  • Providing technical training, self employment among the members of the society.
  • Kuwasemea na kuwahojia wadau kuhusu mambo mbalimbali yanayowakera na kuwakabili, mbele ya watunga sheria na watoa maamuzi.
  • Kujenga na kukuza mahusiano mema na ushirikiano miongoni mwa jamii.



Iki kigo ntikiriyandikisha Ahabanza paji yacyo.