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Tanzania Environment Relatives Organisation

Tanzania Environment Relatives Organisation

Dodoma Municipal, Tanzania

TERO is an environmental friendly organization which seeks to nurture sustainably the environment to benefit both the present and future generation. Its mission is to be a catalyst in environmental activism so as to help control the rate at which the environment is being degraded either knowingly or unknowingly and making development process more sustainable. It dedicates its efforts in ensuring and enforcing positive meddling between man and nature provided the fact that each survives to the benefit of the other. TERO intends to launch and utilize the best of the technologies in ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in its operation. The benefits derived henceforth ought to be of crucial advantage to the community and TERO stakeholders in general. Seeing TERO at the apex of success calls our daily attention into commitment and determination.

Latest Updates
Tanzania Environment Relatives Organisation updated its Team page.
1. David Kavishe - Executive Director – 2. Abraham Mtongole - Programme Manager – 3. Samuel Chambi - Treasurer – 4. Mary Msigwa - Project Officer ( Radio Resilience project )
August 21, 2013
Tanzania Environment Relatives Organisation created a Projects page.
Within the last three years we have managed to conduct a limited number of projects due to the inadequate funding opportunities directed towards infant organizations and thus we have worked on the following projects; – The CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, a 1 year project funded by local donors, targeted youths at... Read more
August 16, 2013
Tanzania Environment Relatives Organisation joined Envaya.
August 16, 2013
Dodoma Municipal, Dodoma, Tanzania
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