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NGO Network for Dodoma Region

NGO Network for Dodoma Region

DODOMA, Tanzania

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NGO Network for Dodoma (NGONEDO) is regional network established under the Tanzania NGO policy of 2001 and the parliamentary Act No. 24 of 2002.
NGONEDO is a collective forum for all NGOs in Dodoma region; it was launched in September 2000 during a meeting of all NGOs in Dodoma held in DONET offices. It was officially registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs on March 26th 2002 with registration number SO. 11423
NGONEDO strives to be a strong Networking Institution that unifies and facilitate NGOs in provision of effective services so as to improve the well being of men, women and children of Dodoma region while operating within values of transparency, accountability, gender equality and solidarity.
To develop a strong Network of NGOs in Dodoma through sharing and exchange of information, skills, experience, responsibilities and resources within and amongst NGOs; strengthening the capacity of the NGOs and Civil Society for efficient and effective services delivery; Building of better linkages and support systems with other stakeholders; Lobbying & advocating for issues of concern to NGOs and the community
Based on the regional and founding values of unity, love, peace, justice and sustainable use of local available resources: NGONEDO is committed and believes in:
Unity and Solidarity
NGONEDO believes in Solidarity among member NGOs and other stakeholders through coalitions and other relevant means.
NGONEDO believes in building positive relationships, sharing information, promoting dialogue with those organizations that support in furthering its mission.
Participatory development and learning
NGONEDO believes in the right of people to participate in their own self and community development which from our perspective is a basic pre-requisite to sustainable development, this informs our emphasis on participatory learning methodology.
Learning Culture
NGONEDO believes in promoting mutual learning processes between individuals, and organization, different groups within the organization and among different member organization and other stakeholders
We value the benefits of being ourselves a learning organization and participating in networks with other organizations to share experiences and learn from them.
Transparency and Accountability
NGONEDO believes that organizations should be open and accountable to their primary stakeholders and donors. This is a fundamental basis of promoting a genuine and sustainable democratic culture especially among civil society organizations
We also attach great value to innovation, teamwork and life-long learning among staff. We promote and develop these qualities in our staff in the belief that they contribute significantly to fulfillment of their potential and our organization’s development.
Gender equity and equality
NGONEDO is aware that women and men do not have equal access to and equal opportunity to control resources and participate in decision-making and we aim to redress this imbalance in our activities. (NGONEDO is committed to towards working for a gender-balanced community for sustainable development)
Environment protection
Along with social equity issues, we also acknowledge the importance of the physical environment in our work and the need to ensure that our development efforts are consistent with promoting the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable management of the environment
NGONEDO values the sacrifices made by individuals and member organizations in pursuance of organizational interests.
We coordinate and enhance self regulation to all NGOs in Dodoma region, hence we facilitate networking, information sharing and interface with the Government, retinal, National and international bodies on behalf of the NGOs in Dodoma.
Especially NGONEDO implements it Strategic Plan and Annual Plans through a set of Programs. There are three main Programs. These are: Capacity Building, Policy Engagement and Advocacy and Information and Communication.
The Capacity Building program is responsible for building the Capacity of Member (and in some cases) non member Organization. Capacity building focuses on different areas to do with Organizational Development like Organization Management, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation etc.
Policy Engagement focuses on Engaging the Government and Other Stakeholders (including Development Partners) on issues to do with Policies at regional, Sub-National, National and International Level. It is under this program that different Campaigns and Coalitions are Coordinated.
Information and Communication Programme focuses on collecting, processing and disseminating information to different stakeholders, particularly Civil Society Organization. This dissemination is done through different channels including the media, NGONEDO’s Newsletters, meetings and various forum.                                           
Creating and fostering the spirit of collaboration and cooperation amongst NGO member organizations and with both the government and private sector.
Building and strengthening the capacity of NGO member Organizations and non members from regional to grassroots levels to effectively and efficiently achieve their objectives.
Ensuring a friendly environment where CSOs in Dodoma can work freely and in friendly manner
To facilitate networking among NGOs within and outside the country (sharing of experience, knowledge and information)
Liaising with government institutions, donor agencies and other stakeholders on issues of national interest.
Promoting Human rights, Democracy and Good Governance.
District level Public Expenditure Tracking Survey:
NGONEDO is currently undertaking implementation of a two-year project titled Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) since March, 2010. Essentially the Project seeks to keep an eye on monitoring the implementation of government led National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty, popularly known as MKUKUTA.   The Project covers all 6 districts of the Dodoma region and is funded by The Foundation for Civil Society.
Civic Education on Democratic Culture and Good governance:
The main purpose of the project is to empower CSOs, Communities and Local Government Leaders at ward and village levels to involve themselves on Civic education issues specifically on matters of Good Governance and Democratic Culture. The project aims at improving and promoting good governance, instill a sense of responsibility, accountability, and transparency to CSOs, communities and local government leaders. The project is being funded by the President’s office, the Facility for Ethics, Accountability and Transparency (FEAT).
NGONEDO is a membership based organization. Members are CSOs working in Dodoma region.
With dully filled application form the following should be attached;
Copy of Organization Constitution.
Copy of Organization’s Certificate of Registration
Mode of payment (membership fee):
Members of NGONEDO pay their fees directly at NGONEDO office or at CRDB Bank A/C no ……………………………………..
Membership fee Tshs 10,000/-
Annual subscription fee Tshs 30,000/-
By becoming a member of NGONEDO you enjoy the following opportunities;
Be part of the Dodoma NGO umbrella organization
Enjoy the benefits of working in harmony and partnership with like – minded organizations
Where possible, NGONEDO will give its Member Organizations priority to participate in meetings, seminars, training programs and workshops.
Benefit from the many national and international relations of NGONEDO to which you can be linked.
Have your voice heard in a united front at local, national and international levels.
Participate in Capacity Building activities organized by NGONEDO for individual member NGO’s or for district Networks.
Remain informed on a variety of development related issues through our own channels of communication, e.g. NGONEDO website, the NGONEDO resource center and the regular media channels through our media relation services.
Askari Avenue, NSSF Building 3rd Floor, Room No. 48;
P.O. Box 2983, Dodoma-TANZANIA
Email: ngonedo@yahoo.com
Tel:      +255 26 2321290
October 19, 2011
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Elizabeth Arnold (Morogoro) said:
I have really appreciate what the organization does in bringing all people together through a good network. Does the organization take a person who applies for tempo
January 27, 2016

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