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MWELA THEATRE GROUP Youth group is founded on 28.01.2003 is a combination of youth from other youth groups and volunteers and others from vulnerable to drug addicts all these create a shared vision that the Tanzanians who served the community on the Governance. ELA theater group has received its registration on 07.03.2005 under the National Arts Council (NAC) with 15 women members 6 and 9 men

MWELA THEATRE GROUP in 2003 until 2005 was working in 5 wards of TEMEKE Municipality NGO registration received on 01.30.2008 and increase the scope of work in the three regions for Dar-es-Salaam, Coast Region and Province TANGA

In Dar-es-Salutations to the entire region MWELA THEATRE GROUP works.

In the coastal region operates in the district of MKURANGA AND RUFIJI

In TANGA region operates in the district of LUSHOTO

So far the group has successfully been doing various governmental activities and non-governmental organizations, municipalities of TEMEKE

MWELA THEATRE GROUP was able to do these activities in different parts of the municipality of TEMEKE and out of the municipality of TEMEKE

MWELA THEATRE GROUP I was convinced to engage in issues of educating the community from the community                                                                                                                                                     Misunderstanding of the various issues of concern to the various problems faced by

Happened many young who fail their identity in society? and they have to do? And their roles in the community around them after sitting on hold government accountable as we mentioned earlier, we were able to make                                                                                                                                                            Many young people have found themselves moving into negative categories of drugs failing identity have been mixed medicine at the same time

So bring harm was become to the drug Winds paralyze the body, keeps the body to keep moving and those providing misinterpretation so many young people have found themselves mix and bring different interpretations and sometimes confused in the brain and mental confusion due to their state of health, the environment they use these drugs and nutrition are obtained

 MW ELA THEATRE GROUP supports interpret government policies for the community because the community

Our many who love art and games than reading books Mela

It has been the forefront of studying the various policies and making songs, poem recited in alteration, poetry, drama and dance to the community that loves art more or even those who can not read and write and have access to messages

 When we use the art we find more targeted to those who are affected and those who are not infected but also to education for children who are uncultured moral advance and get the right information early before they have misconceptions about drugs

Take the bend in places where others do not want to kill time dance and theater.

Using experts (trainers and inspectors) different   within the group and outside the group if we want to run our training and overall operations. Ela believes that if we give people awareness of drugs we can reduce the impact of HIV / AIDS by users sharing needles one, reducing fever liver but also will reduce the health consequences for users who in our area are using the dirt, steal, loot and practical crimes of something that is not attributes of subtle drug users are the views of drugs and causing a nuisance to the community disaster

MWELA THEATRE GROUP have been educating the community on good governance household level and bring positive attitudes that the leader is a servant of the people and so the people know that leaders must take responsibility for them and when they got to the difference prosecuted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country and not take action cell or complain only thing that causes the unrighteous leaders get a chance to stay in power without any success bringing people

MWELA THEATRE GROUP in governance is based more in mobilizing community participation in local government meetings / villages and interviewing / claim the income and expenditure of their government from taxes they provide

MWELA THEATRE GROP in governance has been at the forefront in mobilizing the community to participate in volunteer activities in their areas to bring immediate success to their own welfare

MWELA THEATRE GROP in governance encourages community participation in planning village / county and its implementation and monitoring of frequent and last to evaluate such projects

MWELA THEATRE GROUP has been at the forefront in educating the public on human rights, women's rights, children's rights, the rights of the disabled and marginalized groups such as drug users, people living with HIV / AIDS and the elderly