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Christian Education and Development Organization

Christian Education and Development Organization

Nzega District, Tabora Region Tanzania


The primary achievement of the anticorruption work done by CEDO is to provide trainings with practical and build the technical capacity needed to implement the convention. Efforts concentrate on supporting partners address the convention policies and preventive anticorruption frameworks. As the guardian of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, CEDO has resident in depth knowledge on the convention emanating from having negotiated the treaty. According the secretariat of the conference of the states parties to the convention and its established implementation review mechanism, CEDO is mandated to conduct the analysis of the states parties’ self-assessment report and facilitate and support country peer reviews. CEDO is also mandated to complete technical assistance needs identified through self-assessment checklist, analyze gaps in implementing, UNCAC and thus assist the conference in identifying technical assistance priorities and develop responses. CEDO can not only play a lead role in providing technical assistance for the implementation of UNCAC, but can also act as an honest broker responsible for marching those in need of technical assistance with technical assistance provider.

The implementation review, Mechanism providers further an opportunity to review the impact of technical assistance delivered on a country’s compliance with UNCAC to assist whether the assistance has achieved the goals and filled the gaps identified.

RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS OF ANTICORRUPTION:-Public awareness materials are produced that can be used globally in anticorruption campaigns by CEDO fielded officers, Non governmental Organizations and other civil society Organizations. Special attention is paid to corruption related issues on 9 December every year on the occasion of the International Day against corruption to raise awareness about the problem of corruption. CEDO reaches out to the general public through our website www.envaya.org/CEDO/News and facebook

Zero Corruption.
100% Development.

Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies.

No country, region or community is immune.

This year UNODC and UNDP have developed a joint global campaign, focusing on how corruption hinders efforts to achieve the internationally agreed upon Millennium Development Goals and affects education, health, justice, democracy, prosperity and development.

Statement from Mr Yury Fedotov,
Executive Director of UNODC
on International Anti-Corruption Day

9 December 2012

In our globalised, highly interconnected world, corruption represents one of our greatest challenges. There is no country or territory untouched by this threat, which erodes democratic institutions and undermines the rule of law. UNODC's response to corruption is founded on the United Nations Convention against Corruption that was opened for signature by Member States on 9 December 2003 in Merida, Mexico. It is both a blueprint, as well as our hope for a future without corruption.

With 164 States parties, UNCAC is close to universal adherence. Calls have been made by all major fora, including the UN General Assembly, the G8 and the G20, encouraging countries that have not yet ratified or acceded to the Convention to do so. Today, I strongly urge the international community to maintain this momentum and the remaining 30 Member States of the UN to adopt the Convention as soon as possible. However, adoption is only the first milestone. If we are to be truly successful in the fight against corruption, every State must fully implement the Convention. Anti-corruption words, must be supported by anti-corruption deeds.

To achieve these goals, UNCAC has gone further than any other Convention by creating a peer-review mechanism to achieve its successful implementation. The Review Mechanism is a global and inclusive process without marginalization or rankings.

And the need is great. Our democratic societies are rooted in the promotion of lasting social and economic development; but while corruption exists, there can be no inclusivity, no opportunity, no equality. Bribery accepted is fairness declined. It is crucial, for this reason, that States and their partners undertake every necessary measure to confront and to eliminate corruption.

UNODC is also deeply involved in building the necessary partnerships against corruption. We are leading an educational project to build anti-corruption curricula and we are working with the private sector in accordance with the 10 thPrinciple of the UN Global Compact. This means encouraging the private sector to work in partnership with States and UNODC and invest in the areas of the world that need assistance, thereby contributing towards a stronger anti-corruption regime and competitive, but fair markets for companies to do business.

Corruption also undermines the impartial use of natural resources and the fair distribution of wealth; both within and between countries. To combat this, UNODC supports Member States in the management of natural resources through initiatives such as the pilot project on countering illegal logging in Indonesia.

On International Anti-Corruption Day, I call on everyone, in every country, on every continent, to reject corruption. We need your help to assist the millions of people whose lives are affected by corruption.

Yury Fedotov

UNODC Executive Director

Statement on International Anti-Corruption Day

9 December 2012

Email address: cedsorg@yahoo.com
Phone number: +255 755 565 893 0262692493
Street address: Nzega District. At the House of Magreth Lubere
Mailing address: P.O.Box 545
Contact name: Mr. Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya
Contact title: Executive Director

The Organization is find the volunteers interesting to assist school girls, youths living rural areas of Igunga, Kasulu, and Gongolamboto at Tanzania Country.

Christian Education and Development Organization





                             VOLUNTEER APPLICATION

(Please Print)

Rev. 12/06/2012

Name: ________________ _______________   _________________ Date: ________________

         (Last)                                (First)                         (Middle)


Address: ______ ____________ State: _ __________ Zip: ____________


Mailing Address (if different): ____________________ City: _______ State: ____ Zip: _____


Home Phone: ________ Work Phone: _______________________


Cell _________________ Fax: (___)_________________________


E-Mail: _ ___________ May we call you at work? ____


Birth Date: ____                     Are you over 18? ______

                 (Mo.) (Day) (Year Optional)


Emergency Contact:

Name: ___________ Phone _________________

Relationship: __ ____________________________

Medical information we should know in case of an emergency: ________________________


o How did you hear about CEDO?



o Why are you interested in volunteering with CEDO? .



o Have you previously volunteered here? ___ ____

            If yes, in what position? __________________________________________________


I. Education/Employment/Volunteer Service Background


o Highest level of Education: _ __________________ Major? ____________________

o Are you a current student?   ____ If yes, name of school: _______________

                             Grade ________________________________________

   Is volunteer experience required by your program? Yes ___ ____

   If yes, please explain: _____________________________________________________



o Employer (Current): _ _ ______________Supervisor: _ ________________________

   Position held: _________________________ Phone :_________________

   Address: __ ________ City: ______________State: ____________Zip: _______

   Date employed: ____________________________________________________


o Employer (Previous): _________________Supervisor: _________________________

   Position held: _ ____________________ Phone :(___)__________________________

   Address: _______________ City: _____________ State: _ _______Zip: ___________
   Reason for leaving: __________________________________________________________

   Dates employed: From _________________ to ________________________________.


Volunteer Experience

o Do you have other volunteer experience? ______________________________________________

   Please describe type and amount of previous experience:                      

   Organization: _______________________Dates of Service: From ________ to ________________

   Description of duties: ____________________________________


   Organization: _________________Dates of Service: From ______________ to __________________

   Description of duties: ________________________________________________________________


o Community affiliations: (Name & indicate type of involvement)


   Service Organizations_______________________________________

   Professional Organizations/Boards____ _________________________________________

   Church _______________________________________

   Other ____________________________________________________________________


II. Skills and Interests

o What are your hobbies and/or special interests? ________________________________________________________________________


o What specific skills and life experiences would you bring to CEDO as a volunteer?



o Specialized skills which you would like to contribute:

   ____ Phone calling                          ____ Equipment repair                        ____ Crafts

   ____ Word processing                    ____ Photography                               ____ Decorations

   ____ Mailings                                 ____ Public Relations                       ____ Graphic Design

   ____ Computer tech.                      ____ Writing/editing                           ____ Entertainment

   ____ Errands                                   ____ Fundraising                                ____ Speaking

   ____ Sign Language                      ____ Special Events - Specify: _______

   ____ Foreign Language - Specify: ____________________________________________

   ____ Other - Specify: ______________________________________________________


o Do you hold any special certificates? (e.g. CPR, First Aid, Lifeguard, Defensive

   Driving). No ___ YES_______ If yes, please indicate the type of license and an

   expiration date ____________________________________________________________


III. Preferences in Volunteering:

o Upon reviewing our "Volunteer Opportunities, do you have a sense of an area at CEDO

   you would like to be involved in? ________ _________________________________



o Do you have any limitations (family commitments, health, etc.) which might affect

   your volunteering?   _____ If yes, please explain. ______________________



o Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? _________________If yes, please

   explain: ____________________________________________________________


o Can you make a commitment to this program for at least a year? __________________________

   If no, please explain. ________________________________________________________


o At what times are you interested in volunteering?  

   Am flexible _                      Prefer weekdays ____                        Prefer evenings ____

   Prefer weekends ____        Prefer days ____                     Other: ____________


If you are applying to volunteer in the “Friend-to-Friend” or “Circle of Friends” program, please answer the following questions:

o Is there a particular group with whom you are particularly interested?



   No Preference ____ Developmentally disabled             Physically disabled ____


o Would you be comfortable volunteering with someone who is: ____ deaf; ____ blind;

   ____ wheelchair bound; ____ non-verbal; ____ development level much lower than their age.


o Is there any type of disability with which you would not feel comfortable working?

   No   If yes, please specify: _______________________________________

            ~ Are you allergic to pets? _____________________     Please specify: ______________________

            ~ Do you smoke? __________Are you willing to volunteer with someone who smokes? _____


o Do you have any geographic preference as to where you do volunteer work?

     ____________ If yes, please specify: _______________________________________________________


IV. Transportation (Complete if this will be part of your volunteer service)

o Do you drive? No __

   If yes, are you willing to use your automobile for volunteer service? No ____Yes ____

   (If yes, please attach a copy of your driver's license and proof of current auto insurance,

   including passenger liability.)


o If you have had a moving violation or motor vehicle accident in the past 5 years, please describe.



o Have you ever have had any motor vehicle license suspended or revoked?

   _________________ If yes, please describe:   ____________________________




IV. References and Background Checks:

o Please list three (3) people who are NOT CEDO STAFF or RELATED TO YOU

   who know you well that we can contact for a reference check.

   Personal References

1. Name: ______________________________________________________

Nature of Relationship: ______________________ Length of time known: ___________________________

Home phone _______________________Work phone ________________ Email ___________________


2. Name: ______________________________________________________

Nature of Relationship: ______________ Length of time known: ______________________________

Home phone ______________-Work phone ______________ Email ________________________________


   Employer/Supervisor Reference (Someone you have worked with including employers

   or supervisors in a paid or volunteer position. If you have never had a supervisor, please list

   an additional personal reference)

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Business/Organization:   _________________________________________________________________

Home phone _________________Work phone ____________ Email ________________________


I certify that the information set forth in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer, Bridge Disability Ministries may end that relationship, if I have made any false statements or misrepresentations in this application. I authorize CEDO to verify all information contained in or related to this application, including records of law enforcement agencies, references, employment and/or volunteer history.


I understand that information collected during this background check will be limited to that appropriate to helping determine my suitability for particular types of volunteer work and that all such information collected during the check will be kept confidential. I hereby also extend my permission to those individuals or organizations contacted for the purpose of this background check to give their fill and honest evaluation of my suitability for the described volunteer work and such other information, as they deem appropriate. (Questions asked during the reference check are available to review if you so choose.)


Signature: _________________________ Date: _____________________


Thank you for your time in completing this application!

We deeply appreciate your willingness to share yourself, your time and talents

with the persons CEDO serves and to experience their gifts in return.


Please mail your application to CEDO, Volunteer Coordinator

Christian Education and Development Organization

P.O.Box 545, Nzega-Tabora-Tanzania

Tel +255 26 269 2493, Mobile +255 755 565 893

Email Address:- cedsorg@yahoo.com