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Christian Education and Development Organization

Christian Education and Development Organization

Nzega District, Tabora Region Tanzania

In every aspect of operation 2015 was the benchmark year for the organization in fighting against poverty and hunger, promote gender equality , economic empowerment to youth/women, reduce child mortality, it is my great pleasure to share the years highlights in this report. A summary of our main activities and achievements for 2015 can be found on the following pages.

     Our main activities and achievement for 2015 can be found in the following introduction to the organization report.

       As integral part of the development of the strategic plan, CEDO also review the components of its operations, including the organization members, research, its trainings, advocacy, communication strategies etc. These activities were necessary to ensure that our programmer remain current and responsive to the needs of stakeholders and to development.

       All of the reviews were accomplished and the implementation of the recommendations emanating from the will commence in 2016. Special findings from the review are discussed under the relevant sections of the report.

       I would like to take this opportunity to wish you pleasant reading, and thanks for your supporting the organization’s work.

                                                 Japhet A. Kalegeya

                                                     Executive Director



Description of the Idea:-Identify Local Climate Innovators for supporting them is the idea created to help to address climate change. -

IDENTIFY: - Identify is the first step toward to know local climate innovators, their idea, how they are working, their challenges and how to share with them. -

LOCAL INNOVATORS:- Local innovators refers to Civil society organizations, social groups, individual, private sectors and researchers, who have an experience of own learning or knowledge gained from other source within their local community in thinking and doing. -

SUPPORT:- Supporting is to bear or hold, sustain and maintain local climate innovators by supporting with things necessary to existence them or develop their innovations. How This Idea helps to solve the Design challenge:- In my inspiration phase I learned that we need to connect innovation, resources and community in order to help to scale the works of local innovators. Especially we want to support early-stage ventures and leaders using creative approaches to tackle climate change. So if we are identifying creative, realize ideas, their activities, and the challenges they have, particularly by inviting them in dialogue, we can find new approaches that could help these designers to continued in a strategy of address the problem of climate change in their areas.

Experience map The main objective is to organize the conference named Nzega, Tanzania Events on How Might we Support local climate innovators in our community? Among the civil society organizations, individuals, researchers, social groups and expertise of climate change. - To share in conversations

- To share their work in climate change - To lead a Human Centered Design brainstorm on how our community might support these climate innovators. Expected results - The conversations have been shared

- The works of local climate innovators have been known.

- The HCD brainstorming has been leaded on how our community might support climate innovators.

What is the most important question to answer? Will community be pleased to participate in this event? How might I test it? Invite the civil society organizations, social groups, individuals, expertise, government officers and lead conversations, share the works and lead brainstorming on how we might support local climate innovators in our community.


Use human Centered Design to create abilities and process for transforming difficult challenges into opportunities for design


The OpenIDEO #COPisHere offers tremendous opportunities to local Climate innovators in the lively discussion, to share their work and excellent brainstorm on how the community might support local climate innovators. The #COPisHere event in Nzega, was held at 14th of January 2016, from 8.30 to 11.30 AM.

The participants of this #COPisHere event were 14 local climate innovators from Tanzania.

The host of this event was Mr. Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya, innovator from Nzega Tanzania in collaboration with two team members from the organization of Christian Education and Development Organization (CEDO)

The need of volunteers in the activities of the organization.


Christian Education and Development Organization (CEDO)   is currently accepting volunteers application who can get involved in any of the organization activities, and they can get involved in community services.

Due to the lack of jobs for young people, many young people have been coming from rural to urban areas to seek relief of life, as a result many of the girls found themselves to be victims, by getting pregnant and being unable to afford the cost of living.

So we need to help our young men aged 14-25, in the areas of economic growth through irrigation, Supporting educational for those who want to continue in education, health help all those in need of help.

Anyone with a new innovative idea, with volunteers interested in supporting the activities of the organization is welcome to come with us to bring these activities with his creations. Organizations need to do a joint venture with the CEDO is also always welcome also can send people to volunteer in our organization.

The volunteers from abroad will be dealt official residence in the same time were planned, they also need to visit national parks and reserves disciplines will receive these services without any trouble whatsoever.
The volunteers from abroad will be dealt official residence in the same time were planned, also can visit parks and reservoirs if they have need to do so.

Volunteers will be working between the mainland area, in the following regions, Tabora, Kigoma and Shinyanga. Anyone is welcome to volunteer in the activities identified. Organization would help volunteer to pray for a work permit in the country for all the days of stay in Tanzania.

Contact us by email cedsorg@yahoo.com

 SECRETARIAT: - The implementation of the core functions of the CEDO is vested in its Secretariat led by the Executive Director who reports to the Board of Directors in governance matters. Additionally the Executive Director maintains a relationship with the development; The Financial Administration Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Coordinator and Education training officer, and Gender advocacy, and Field Officer.

1. Executive Director

2. Gender advocacy, and field officer

3. Financial and Management Officer

4. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

5. Coordinator and Training Officer


Email address: cedsorg@yahoo.com
Phone number: +255 755 565 893
Street address: Ushirika Street
Mailing address: P.O.Box 545 Nzega

Contact name: Mr. Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya
Contact title: Executive Director

Shirika la Christian Education and Development Organization CEDO, limezidua mpango mkakati wa uchechemuzi (Advocacy) wa lishe na ustawi wa watoto chini ya umri wa miaka mitano.

Mpango huu umezinduliwa tarehe 31/01/2015, na Mhe. Naomi Mwakyoma na ulishirikisha asasi za kiraia, Madiwani, Baadhi ya viongozi wa Serikali za mitaa, Wananchi wa kawaida, Sekta binafsi,na wataalamu.

Lengo kuu la mpango huu ni kupunguza vifo vya watoto chini ya miaka mitano, kuboresha maisha, afya na ustawi wa wote, wanawake na makundi yaliyohatarini kwa kuinua uelewa wa jamii ili kuchangia na kuendeleza juhudi za kuokoa maisha ya mama na mtoto.