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Kibaha,Tanzania -East Africa


Universal Ministry of Africa implemented the numbers of activities as follows;

  • Construction of the office buildings, workshop structure, hostels which help to accommodate the UMOA-Trust staff and students. Therefore this reduces the distance from home to the centre and be able to work efficiently and reduce the transport cost. They can attend the night preparation session. Also construction of hostels reduces the early pregnancy, out of temptations and control raping to the girly. Also construction of workshop helps the youth to get practical knowledge and competence. Completion of buildings helped to conduct the church services i.e worship and prayer, guidance and cancelling.
  • Acquisition/donation of furniture’s and equipmentshelp to smoothening learning and teaching environment. Also helped the student to get the intrinsic motivation toward school.
  • Construction of resources centre has helps the community to arrange some workshop and ceremonial activities in low cost and help to increase revenue torun the centre.
  • The centre has received both academic and religious books from the international donors like Pareto rotary club and New life ministry and books has been distributed to the 20 public schools were 8000 students have benefited through such donations.
  • The center has being supporting counseling to the venerable youths to abandon the uses of drugs, Mitigation on HIV/AIDS, crimes and etc.
  • Through Public Private Partnership (PPP), the UMOA- Trust help the Mkuza village council to build its own office and easy public service delivery including administration.
  • The center helped 21 students from the poor families to pay school fees and enable them to proceed in learning.
  • The centre has acquired the land to build the new structures for community village tourism.
  • The centre has established the new department of entrepreneurship.


We work with international Organisations to offer the distance and online Bible studies.The Bible study materials are from UK,USA and South Africa Bible Schools.