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Kibaha,Tanzania -East Africa


The trust was established as non-government organization (NGO) voluntary and charitable non-profit making organization.

It was established in the year 2010.

Universal Ministry of Africa Trust (UMOA-Trust) (hereinafter referred to as “Voluntary and Charitable non-profit making organization”) is an  NGO established primarily for evangelistic activities but since its objectives are extended till to the social services to the community surrounding its members and community members in needy, series of innovation realized and broaden organization activities thus seen member being increased, empowered and supported in with essential social economic services.

It is dedicated to create people centred, suitable and sustainable social-economic opportunities for the poor and mind income earner to develop , own and sustain their development initiatives in order to flee out poverty, have social equality and responsible government believed in good governance and accountability through facilitation of development project s that help people to create and strengthen self-sustainable employment.

As church led organ; that aim to buster social-development interventions and advisory services to drive social changes, enhance resources management, promote access to quality basic health and improve quality education, promote peace and security, strengthen social micro economic development, promote and advocate child needs and right and family welfare.



To build a network of churches, ministries and businesses through which God’s network of life can transform people, their communities and the system they participate in.


To establish congregations and ministries that developed mature Saints, who love God and his beloved son Jesus Christ with everything they’ve got, genuinely love their neighbours and participate in the expansion of the Kingdom of God all over the world.

To establish businesses that promotes the health and prosperity of communities beginning with the poor and the oppressed.


Aims and Objectives UMOA-Trust are as follows;

  • To help people experience a growing knowledge of God and man.
  • To initiate conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of environment and tourism.
  • To own Primary school, Secondary school, Technical vocation training institute ,Bible Colleges (Universities) and Adult institutes as well as other institutes or Universities
  • To cooperate with other bodies, local or foreign whose aims, interest and objectives are similar to those of UMOA- Trust.
  • To conduct guidance and counselling to the community
  • To deal with albinism
  • To establish information communication technologies
  • To establish the library
  • To educate the public on danger of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted disease (STD) and conduct counselling to HIV/AIDS victims and monitoring the resources and contributions received from donor to reach them intact.
  • To experience an increasingly meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers.
  • To facilitate the achievement of milleniun goals through partnership with other like minded organizations
  • To empower the community on the environmental conservation and use of re-newable energy
  • To promote community adaptation for both global climate and economic changes
  • To advocate community against both local and Internation human trafficking (House maids and sex slaves)
  • To establish Dispensaries,Health Centres and Hospitals


Organization capacity statement

The UMOA-Trust have been responsible to communities they serve by conduct collaborative research, developing plan and actions, intervention that promote and create positively social changes to most vulnerable children, youth, women and entire community members to lee out poverty, cured their soul, design and engages towards sustainable development. It has diverse background and experience in working with under resourced people as its core principles and applicable approaches to UMOA’S volunteers.

The team member are keen to implement development project by opening the greater window for people to participate and take own key lead and actions for the project affect their lives as they identified as social challenge towards sustainable solution. The ministry drives and facilities a way that make people to own and sustain their project and reach expected impact, in such particular way that reflect the people’s needs, participator planning, management, implementing and facilitating their own solution at affordable and appropriate tools and ways that being needed and fit their needs at local levels, Thus endeavor to sustain community action and ownership equitably.

Organization Governance and Management

The general annual is the overall meeting that involves all members to take actions and decide the fate of their organization. Current the ministry has recruited 15 active members of diverse culture and from different gender, age, tribes and profession and non-professions. It works under difference guideline and policies in human resources utilization in implementing its projects. It oversees program implementation in a regular, mid and annual evaluation.


Accountability Structures

The structure and principle of accountability and reporting are cleared set out in the organizational operations that applied and embedded in constitution and guidelines affecting to financial, human resources and administration policies and departmental and programmatic guidelines as faith based/church services as whether in child needs and rights, livelihoods education and economic empowerment and fundraising desk department.

The ministry works under openness and transparency in way all information are shared by all and staff and member’s used to address important matters and sharing information includes audits and narrative reports and dissemination to stakeholders includes the government.

Internal Assessments


It has 5 technical staff trained on climate change, 5 programmers who are experienced stronger administration and active base at grassroots, with good program designs, wide networking, commitment and flexibility and inspiration in action to achieve sustainable changes.


Possess little budget, few staff/volunteers to meet its broadening programs, lack of reliable transport, lack of newsletters to multiply its best effect and inadequate capital materials. SOCIAL OUTREACH AND GENERAL SERVICES

 Church and Missionary Services

The UMOA AFRICA TRUST has being going further to promote its mission through different social outreach congregations and by using our partners and stakeholders in a mission to ensure the will of God is being moving ahead and reach most people as possible-People must know God as our only savior and their hope .The organization has arranged open meetings in Mbeya,Kibaha, Morogoro,Tumbi and Msata where over 345 people were participated in those missionary services

Capacity building to Church servants and communities

Despite limited resources and fundraising to build the capacity of servants and church supporters, The Ministry has being mobilized local resources and abled to support 145 servants to attend training on christian leadeship  through Revival Central Global Network of Churches International.

Till December last year we managed to distribute tools for more than 180 organizations .The tools were donated by our partners Tools For Mission UK (TWAM) and Gered Gereedschap,Netherlands.Some of the tools were sponsored by Mission Possible ,UK .Mission Possible UK donated 24 leadership books for Church leaders and Asia Africa Ministries ,Inc U.S.A donated 300 manuals on "Mafundishoya Kikristo Kuhusu Mungu Baba,Mwana na Roho Mtakatifu (Trinity).Also through our Book Project Patner B.I.G ,U.S.A many books were distributed to both private and government schools .On top of that we received books for our evangelistic projects and church planting from New Life Ministries ,South Korea.More than 75,000 books have been distributed.

We are the non governmental charitable organization based in Tanzania East Africa called Universal ministry of Africa we request you for a volunteering post.
+255 754 868 204
www.envaya.org/umoatrust  .The course materials were donated by Mission Possible UK together with a long course run by Every Home For Christ (EHFC) through Universal Bible College.

-Church leaderschip

-Organizational behaviors and development

Visitors and friends visited the Ministry

The Ministry has visited by the Government and stakeholders to see progress and we have being received their recommendation to improve social economic development, some of visitors were from the Universities, Rhema International from The United Kingdom, ICT Expert from Japan, Entrepreneurship trainer from Philippines,  Bishops and other Church Learders  Church   Leaders and School Heads .Other religious leaders visited us last year were the Global Mission Director of Revival Central Global Network of Churches International from Ghana,The National Overseers for Revival Central Global Network from Uganda.Also early this year we were visited by two Volunteers One from Germany and another one from Japan.

Social Meeting and Gatherings

The center has been organized social events those earmarks to increase social outreach, integration and solidarity. As the center of excellent,ithas organized Constitutional review meetings where women and youths were part of the participants in discussing new constitution for Tanzania , Adult meetings were held also at the center to determine the social rights and better life among the elders, the women gatherings were also accommodated at the center as the part of the women’s empowerment through congregation and advocacy to improve and realize the voices of those unheard. Youths assemblies have been held to raise awareness and solidarity among youths and to enable them to take part and responsibilities over National agenda and development


Alliance and Collaboration

The UMOA TRUST has linked local and international partners thus supports our missions development, Among of them were the Parole Club of USA, Tanzania Board of Library, Rhema International, and the New Life Ministry of South Korea ,ANIKE Foundation Incorp,USA were some of the partners which have linked into new partnership and also we have a local Partner Help the Orphans Foundation .The listed stakeholders have entered partnership with the Ministry where they supported us used books for education and religious matters, promotion of education and strategies to work together, gospel education outreach and spreads of worships amongst other line of business a likes . Following that support our people have got literacy materials and increase different understanding through readings from donated books from our partners


Universal Ministry of Africa implemented the numbers of activities as follows;

  • Construction of the office buildings, workshop structure, hostels which help to accommodate the UMOA-Trust staffs and students. Therefore this reduces the distance from home to the centre and be able to work efficiently and reduce the transport cost. They can attend the night preparation session. Also construction of hostels reduces the early pregnancy, out of temptations and control raping to the girly. Also construction of workshop helps the youth to get practical knowledge and competence. Completion of buildings helped to conduct the church services i.e worship and prayer, guidance and cancelling.
  • Acquisition/donation of furniture’s and equipmentshelp to smoothening learning and teaching environment. Also helped the student to get the intrinsic motivation toward school.
  • Construction of resources centre has helps the community to arrange some workshop and ceremonial activities in low cost and help to increase revenue torun the centre.
  • The centre has received both academic and religious books from the international donors like Pareto rotary club and New life ministry and books has been distributed to the 20 public schools were 8000 students have benefited through such donations.
  • The center has being supporting counseling to the venerable youths to abandon the uses of drugs, Mitigation on HIV/AIDS, crimes and etc.
  • The center helped 9 students from the poor families to pay school fees and enable them to proceed in learning.
  • The centre has established the new department of entrepreneurship.
  • We have registered a micro-credit organization called PEACE GROUP (PG)



  • To own reliable and permanent structures that cutting rental cost by 80%.
  • The centre has helped more than 256 people in counseling and guidance.
  • The centre has been linked with international donors who  support books and equipments.
  • Following books distribution the literate capacity has been improved to the society
  • Improvement of social and solidarity where by the society can meet and the centre.


  • Absence of reliable transport (i.e bus, motorcycle, bicycles) which can enable the members of the centre to operate smoothly and able to coordinate with societies in the villages.
  • Absence of enough chairs and tables continues to be a big challenge at the centre which hinders the day to day operations.
  • Absence of enough facilities (i.e Computers, Projectors, Air conditions, Music system) which can smoothen the centre to operate efficiently.
  • Absence of funds in order to complete some of the structures at the centre



  • To continue searching more donors/volunteers in order to support the centre and meets its demands. The funds will help the centre to complete the building, to acquire transport facilities, to acquire office furniture and equipment etc.
  • To counsel more societies affected by the drugs and help them to change their attitude.
  • To start new department of ICT at the centre.
  • To increase the number of students who receive the support from centre in term of education and school fees



UMOA trust appeal for funding to increase and strengthen its mission to reach more people in needy through donation of finance and in –kind materials