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(image) – Is among 1500 IGA beneficiaries supported by PADI(Not translated)Edit
To fight aginst alcohol To take care of people livinh with HIV/AIDs Not smoking All the above lessons are recorded by Thare Machi Education, they help a lot people to change their behaviours.(Not translated)Edit
KIDS AID TANZANIA supported us in march 2014 to implement a project in Ukerewe Island to help combat Malaria in children under 5 and pregnant mothers, Kids Aid Tanzania donated 1,5000 mosquito nets worth Tshs. 10,800,000 which were distributed by LVC to poor families in the villages on the Island, about 1,500 families benefited from this support(Not translated)Edit
(image) – wanachama wa VIYOSO wakiwa kwenye picha ya pamoja mara baada ya mkutano mkuu(Not translated)Edit
Green world (Not translated)Edit
bdo haijaanza kupatikana vzur mpaka mwez huu mwishon au watano(Not translated)Edit
chuo gani naweza pata short course za beekeeping?(Not translated)Edit
nahitaji asali kwa bei ya jumla nipo Tanga(Not translated)Edit
Thank you for giving hope to children(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit
(image) – NVRF Nursery Kids with Helga from Norway when she visited NVRF Nursery Center.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – NVVRF Nursery Kids during Break Fast see how happy they are.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Camilla with one of the kids from NVRF Nursery when she visited them they were very happy to see them. Also any one can visit NVRF Center.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Stine from Norway during her visit to NVRF Center kids were very happy to see her.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – It is very Agent Please "After the rain Mpakani Primary school near NVRF their Toilet has fallen down please this is very agent to any one comes across this the school has 2000 student and they have no Toilet please people with humanity support Mpakani Pr. School to have Toilet Our NVRF Treasure Mr. Ezekiel Willium was there to see the situation."(Not translated)Edit