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MY CITY MY VOICE YOUTH RESEARCHERS TRAINING – (image) – At the beginning of May 2014 Mwanza was the training ground for up and coming youth researchers. As part of the My City My Voice project, eight youth researchers were identified and trained on participatory research methods so that they could ask children and...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Support of scholastic materials, school uniforms and equipments for vocational students(Not translated)Edit
Rafiki Social Development Organization is a development and advocacy Non Governmental and Non profit making Organization working with Children, Youth, Marginalized and Vulnerable groups, families and their communities to reach their full potential by advocating for their rights and tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. – The Organization was established in January 2005 and registered in September 2005 under the NGO Act of...(Not translated)Edit
This October 2014, NGEDEA will celebrate its 11th year since its formation. We welcome ideas and activities to be held during the festive season.(Not translated)Edit
THE SEARCH FOR LAND BEGGINS – The first off Dar-es-salaam official KUWAMA Executive Committee’s trip in search for land for the last 24 years of its existence at last took off on 17th July 2014. The targeted areas were Mpukuka and Nyamwage Villages in Rufiji District. – Speaking to the writer of this article, the Secretary of KUWAMA Cyriacus Boniphace said this was a step forward towards the society’s transformation efforts to engage its members in...(Not translated)Edit
KASULU SPORTS ACADEMY kikosi C chini ya umri wa miaka 12 – katika picha ya pamoja kwenye ziara ya mechi ya kirafiki zidi ya TITYE SPORTS CLUB katika mechi hiyo KASULU SPORTS ACADEMY waliibuka na goli 1-0(Not translated)Edit
KASULU SPORTS ACADEMY kikosi B umri chini ya miaka 15 – pichani wakiwa katika mechi ya kirafiki dhidi ya TITYE SPORTS CLUB – katika mechi hiyo timu zote mbili zilifungana goli 1-1(Not translated)Edit
KASULU SPORTS ACADEMY wakiwa katika mechi ya kirafiki na TITYE SPORTS CLUB katika mechi hiyo KASULU SPORTS ACADEMY ilifungwa goli 3-1(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit
Ndugu:Kashinde Mangapi – Mwalimu wa Kasulu sports academy.(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit