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Asanten sana PDPR kwa mradi huhu,itatusaidia sana sisi wajasiliamali tunaokua.Mimi nipo Moshi.(Not translated)Edit
zipo piga 0754397178, 0652556833 kwa maelezo zaidi.(Not translated)Edit
Mna mashine za kufyatulia tofali za udongo.(Not translated)Edit
Tunatumia mawakala, Tunawaagizia kwenye bus au lori piga 0754397178 , – 0652556833 kwa maelezo zaidi.(Not translated)Edit
Tupo tayari kuwa wakala wenu huku mwanza jaribuni kuwasiliana nasi kwa kutumia namba hizi mara moja 0759880010.(Not translated)Edit
Je mpaka sasa mna matawi mikoa ipi hapa Tanzania na je kwa wahitaji walio nje ya mkoa wenu mnawahudumiaje?(Not translated)Edit
Ningependa kupata bei za bidhaa zote toka kwenu kwani mimi ni mzaliwa iringa. – stanley maro.(Not translated)Edit
Ningependa kupata bei za bidhaa zote toka kwenu kwani mimi ni mzaliwa iringa. – stanley maro.(Not translated)Edit
TACOSODE is an abbreviation for the Tanzania Council for Social Development. It is a new name for what was formerly known as the National Council on Social Welfare Services registered in February 1965 as a voluntary coordinating body for NGOs in the country. It is thus a National Umbrella Non – Governmental Organization with a status of a Council. The new name was...(Not translated)Edit
The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) was registered in September 2002 and started its operations in January 2003 - as a Tanzanian non-profit company, designed and funded by a group of like-minded development partners, and governed by an independent Board. The FCS enables citizens to become a strong driving force for change in improving the democratic governance of Tanzania, in fighting poverty and in achieving a better quality life for all. ...(Not translated)Edit
The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) was created in 2006, born of a strategic partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation to dramatically improve African agriculture, and to do so as rapidly as possible. – AGRA was created with one overriding purpose in mind: to catalyze a uniquely African green revolution – one that makes the most of Africa’s natural bounty and...(Not translated)Edit
Thanks Tumaini for appreciation(Not translated)Edit
This sounds good, really this need a competent and reliable person(Not translated)Edit
VACANCY ADVERTISEMENT – Position: Crop officer Tanzania Smallholder Sesame Production and Marketing Project – Location: Babati, Manyara Tanzania. Duration: Fixed three (3) year contract ...(Not translated)Edit
Hakika mwenye kufanya ukatiri kwa Albino ni mnyama hasa.(Not translated)Edit