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COSITA Resource Mobilization Plan 2017 – 2021

Executive Summary

Registered in December 2010 under the NGO Act in 2002, Community Support Initiatives (COSITA), is a local non – profit making organization located in Babati Township within Manyara Region, Tanzania. The organizational mandate is aimed at serving the marginalized, vulnerable communities and poor communities affected by social economic issues such as lack of safe water, high level of illiteracy, food & Nutrition insecurity and gender issues.

Our current Strategic Plan is still valid and is not due for a phase out until end of 2019. However, we recognize the need to mobilize resources as our organization continues to grow. In response to this we have also developed a Resources Mobilization Plan. Our Resource Mobilization Plan is motivated by our needs to identify methods to mobilize resources in order to reduce dependency on government funds or foreign aid.This document focuses on our Resource Mobilization Plan 2015 -2019.

Our organization, COSITA,developed a Resources Mobilization Plan. Our Resource Mobilization Strategy is motivated by our need to identify methods to mobilize resources in order to reduce dependency on Foreign Aid and Government support.We applied a variety of comprehensive resource mobilization strategic guidelineswhich enableusto establishresource mobilization vision, mission andobjectives are outlined within this document.

Resource Mobilization Vision:We envision “A resourceful organization for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable organizations”

Resource Mobilization Mission:We want “to fundraise and engage best talent through tapping resources from proposal development, membership fees, IGAs, corporate bodies, individuals and PPP (Private and public partnerships), for sustainable service delivery.” To achieve our vision

Key Focus Areas:

  • Grants from Donors/ Partners
  • Income Generating Asset via production and selling
  • Corporate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Initiatives
  • Income from Individuals via Membership fees and contributions
  • Talent Management (non-financial) such as Volunteers

Key Strategic Initiatives:Engaging in strategic discussion with donors; proposal development and solicitation of funding from the corporate social responsibility (CSR); development of website and revamping social media to enhance marketing of organizational programs; within our organization; establishment of 4 Income Generation Activities (IGA); organize fundraising events; and strengthening the collection of membership fees.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Income Generating Activities (IGAs) so as to effectively support our organization’s sustainability.The level of risk presented by each IGA has IGAs that would be the most viable projects for us to implement in order to generate 50 million through four IGAs by 2019.


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