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Briefly Report on School club meetings conducted in 20 schools were Stop Child Marriages Project Implemented

The Stop Child Marriages Project being implemented by Agape AIDS Control Programme ni the Districts of Kishapu and Shinyanga Rural has among other programs or activities resulted into the formation of 60 school clubs with more than 900 members (453 girl children and 452 boy children) whose main theme is to create awareness and sensitize school children about their rights, responsibilities, ill health effects of child marriages and child pregnancies and the means through which they could be reporting incidences of child marriages and child pregnancies to the responsible local authority and school managements.

The formation of School clubs was aimed at strengthening the child protection system at the school and village level so that children get reliable protection from their surrounding communities. In order to enhance child protection system at schools, teachers and school committees were trained on extra-curricular life skills and child protection so that in turn each school could develop a school child protection policy and get it bound on the open notice board so as school children, teachers and community members internalize the does and the don’ts as far as child protection is concerned.

Likewise, at each school, two teachers were chosen to be guardians of the school clubs of which their role is to make sure that school clubs meeting time table is followed sustainably. With this regard, AACP Field Officers have to visit school clubs at each quarter of the year to see if there is any incidence of violence against children reported and actions taken up on perpetrators. Also the follow up is intended to assess the level of awareness from children as a result of school clubs formation and the way forward.

School clubs meetings conducted in this second quarter of 2015 were aimed at evaluating the midterm period of implementing the Stop Child Marriages. Interviews with Head of Schools revealed that there are tremendous decrease in incidences of child marriages and pregnancies at their schools and hence school attendance and academic performance among school children are gradually improving. Absenteeism cases are decreasing day after day due to education provided through school clubs and other community interventions implemented by Agape AIDS Control Programme.

Lastly, teachers recommended that there is a need for Local authority at the Village and Ward Level to prohibit habits of some parents who leave their children loitering during the nights watching Video and playing Disco. Strict by laws should be imposed against such parents with poor parentage. They also requested AACP to continue educating school children and the entire community about abandoning bad traditional practices. There are other Organizations like Save the Children International, UNESCO, and EQUIP Tanzania which positively participate in changing the communities for the Wellbeing of children in some same schools.

School Clubs Meetings Commencement and Field Findings

Fieldwork monitoring and Evaluation and Incidences identification tools were used both to Head of Schools and School clubs members to solicit information about child marriages, child pregnancies, school drop outs and prolonged absenteeism among school children. The findings from both teachers and school children revealed the reality that incidences of child marriages, pregnancies, school drop outs and absenteeism have decreased. In most of the schools there is no new incidence of such cases. The time base for the information collected ranges from October, 2014 to April, 2015. The contributing factors for these good results are school clubs and Public Cinema Van Shows. According to Head of Schools, they normally present incidences of violence against children to the Ward and Village authorities for action. However, no strict measures are taken to eradicate such matters. Funny enough three children of a Hamlet Chairperson of Nyamikoma Hamlet, Buchambi Village at Mondo Ward are chronic absentees as reported by the Head teachers. “We have called him several times but have never turned up”, said the Head Teacher of Buchambi Primary School. 


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