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About SIDI’s Background:

 It’s a native-independent, non for profit organization that registered in Tanzania .Its has been established by people with a passion and vision to protect and promote sustainbale natural resources utilization for poverty reduction and social benefits to the most isolated groups includes indegenous people,women, youths in efforts to build social equality in Tanzania

SIDI seek to promote social economic benefits to all people and especially to marginalized and hard to reach local people living in resources rich Lake Victoria regions,Tanzania to take the lead in the planning and utilization over shared benefits in natural resources ,increase local understand on roles and importance about global investments-globalization in their areas, and how to advocate to get a lion share in the resources utilization

SIDI undertakes technical responsibility to raise awareness on sustainable resources utilization, communitty based resources protection , capacitate local people to engages in social enterprises to generate own income in sustainable manner and ability to reduce poverty ,engages in policy advocacy to impacting the fate of people and advocate the changes to increase social benefits, gender equitable access and knowldge building to utilize resources sustainbaly is the key mission seek to achieve for the benefits of people and nature it self

SIDI does the mission through capacity building, alliance and networking ,advocacy and lobbying,research and development, consutancy works and develop and undertake charity based projects aims to promote people’s involvement and participation towards equitable access to natural resources for social economic welfare

Thematic areas:

a-Environmental management and resources utilization

b-Renewable and cost effective energy

c-Micro-enterprises development

d-Water and sanitation improvement

e-Policy analysis framework

f-Sustainable small scale mines 

g-Livelihood development

g-Human rights watch 

h.Good governance on public resources management .

Vision and Mission

It is focus to promote economic justice through sustainable projects responsible to environmental restoriation and poverty reduction based on green economy and needs of the locals to improve their livelihood ,SIDI works with women and youths’ groups ,local and international partners

Approaches and methodologies:

SIDI conducts its mission and program to benefits and prioritized the women and youths as the most marginalized cadres and have been voiceless in decision making and in taping resources. Under these circumstance, it conducts research and development, capacity building series to bring and drive social change ,

consultancy to teen grassroots and small scale ventures on sustainable utilization and good planning extraction on resources and community mobilization that impact to conserve environmental aspects and human being development includes but not limited to –wildlife, biodiversity, forestry, water, arable land, wetland ,urban planning towards sustainable development ,policy advocacy and lobby for social change as among the key issues being addressed by the organization in seeking social change

SIDI works to innovate, test and empower/ capacitate skills know how to hard to reach people and vulnerable communities-prioritizing women and youth through dialogue and meetings ,policy analysis and lobbying, specific education facilitation to raise awareness about the societal roles, their position and identified gaps needs fulfillment that promote immense social benefits, and raise the voice to seek change, help people to engage in production schemes- fish farming, sustainable agriculture, supply chain and market access, local gas production, micro business venturing and networking

Core Value: SIDI believe in operational excellence, integrity, professionalism, team work and multi actors’ actions and outreach

 Approaches: Capacity development, gender mainstreaming, indigenous people priority ,policy impact and replication

 Primary Objectives:

The core primary objectives of SIDI intend to implement are:

  To tackle poverty and its grassroots through promotion of sustainable social investments, improved food production, post-harvest-processing and organized value chain supply, establishment of fish and livestock farming ranch which based on improved environmentally friendly, increased economically sound and enhanced socially viable small scale schemes those creates local jobs and incomes

  To promote proportionally the use of national resources and proper utilization for sustainable development that responding on gender balance ,ensuring suffienciet food security, diversifying innovative sources of income by using collaborative -participatory local and formal knowledge that reduce dependence on natural resources for improved livelihood

 To empower local communities able to engage, advocate and participate in policy change on environmental management and natural resources utilization towards equal shared on social benefits through dialogues, open meetings, media outreach, research and development and documentation of best practices and dissemination for wider learning

 To facilitate, promote and coordinate community based strategies for livelihood improvement and fostering sustainable utilization of natural resources that ensures sustainable use utilization through formation of social based systems-self help groups, apex of groups, trained of resources person with linkages to support program management connecting-fisheries, wetland, forestry, land use, environmental sound investments, wildlife protection and mining development amongst other natural resources replication sustainable

 To establish community based pedagogies for awareness raising, learning and information exchange centers for rural and hard to reach communities, knowledgeable on environmental conservation, adaptation of climate change, fostered sustainable development, enhanced civic education and engagement to policy analysis and coordinated and increased advocacy issues

 To make liaising with village, people, local and district council leaders, ministerial levels ,international and local partners and alliances, in order to work together and have multi actors’ actions in solving social economic challenges

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