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Hamoup Company Limited was established as a profit making company in 2008 however as the days go on is taking more or less a non profit character due mostly to its activities being being developmental nurturing people and place developments often voluntarily and as such because of that it decided to start and institute for hospitality services by training young folks hottel management and catering. Although the students are supposed to pay for tuition often they pay token percentages seasonally and hardly meet amounts requested of 500,000.00 per course of six months. Students from Stone Town and periphery are non residential else all others from the rest of Unguja,Pemba and MainlandĀ  have to seek their own accomodations and transport to/fro the Institute at the Old Fort in Forodhani. We nowadys encourage them to be more creative and innovative in designing and implementing their own projects .Main aimĀ  is inculcate studiousness and work skills in the hotel with its four divisions.

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