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Finance(Not translated)Edit
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Profile(Not translated)Edit
(image) – OVCT member is educating the children, caregivers and the community in general at Minyughe village on "How to Care for the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC). Here is at Minyughe village on 17th August 2019.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Here the OVCT members are distributing materials to the orphans and vulnerable children, even to the caregivers at Mkunguakihendo Village which is at Kikio Ward; on 22nd February 2020. About 342 children were supported with pens, pencils, exercise books,soap and some got got pices of clothes. About 84 adults (parents / caregivers and even the village's government leaders ) attended that event and were provided with soap and pens.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – At Unyankindi primary school when OVCT members were identifying the MVC who are in standard three for the goal of supporting them in Education by providing them with scholastic materials. The activity was done on 30th of July 2020.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Through this picture, OVCT is educating the children and the caregivers by illustrating on how the orphans children are segregated, discriminated and harshly being treated by some caregivers around the villages. So the educator, is showing by an illustrating of the child who is on his head caring a heavy load which is not his size. So this is discrimination to the orphans and vulnerable children because they may be they don't have some one to speak on...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – OVCT members on the photo are with MVC who are in standard three at Singidani primary school in Mitunduruni Ward , in Singida Municipal. OVCT members were identifying the MVC who are in standard three for the goal of supporting them with scholastic materials. The next activity to be done by OVCT for these identified MVC who are in standard three, is to visit at their homes for verification. OVCT identified these kind of children at three primary...(Not translated)Edit
Vision(Not translated)Edit
(image) – At Mkunguakihendo village, Kikio Ward, OVCT is educating the caregivers, children and the community in general about the value of child and how to use a child as a good resource of the future in life. To treat the children fairly, so that they in turn will treat the elders fairly when they grow and support the families. The event took place on 7th December 2019. OVCT provided the children with materials too, and educate them to escape HIV/AIDS...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Here is at Mkunguakihendo village on 22nd February 2020 when OVCT organization was working in educating and supporting vulnerable children. Mkunguakihendo village is at Kikio Ward, Ikungi District in Singida region.(Not translated)Edit
Mission(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The village's Chairman at Minyughe village is talking to the villagers, children and whoever attended the OVCT educating and supporting session at Minyughe village on 17th August 2019, reminding the people about what OVCT has taught and tell them in action.(Not translated)Edit
Organization Structure(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Here OVCT with Social Action Trust Fund (SATF) are distributing scholastic materials at Mwisi Primary school on 2nd October 2019. The Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) in standard Five at 11 primary school have been identified, verified and will be provided with scholastic materials so that their education dreams come true and they become productive members in the community after graduating from their destiny levels of their education. We thank SATF for...(Not translated)Edit