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/POTA/news: English

(image) – president of POTA discussing issues with participant in the seminar organised by organization in UGANDA 2005(Not translated)Edit
(image) – bukoba NGO leaders picture after the sensitization seminar against anti corruption in2003(Not translated)Edit
(image) – President of POTA providing more elaborations to a blind person mr. Kato on issues concerning anticipation 2007(Not translated)Edit
(image) – president of POTA having lunch with bukoba local leaders at lunch time, in the seminar to sensitize leaders against anti corruption and abuse of human rights rights organized by POTA 2008(Not translated)Edit
(image) – president of POTA attending seminar for human rights in dar es salaam organized by commissioner for human rights 2004(Not translated)Edit
(image) – DR.Maguha opening a seminar for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS organized by POTA IN KAGERA 2010(Not translated)Edit
(image) – president of POTA talking to LEADERS OF Albinos on their rights shortly after lunch in the seminar financed by FOUNDATION FOR CIVIL SOCIETY in2011(Not translated)Edit
(image) – president of POTA outside of the Dodoma hotel restaurant attending the seminar for grant management 2012(Not translated)Edit
(image) – seminar for sensitization of citizens against anti corruption organized by POTA in KAGERA 2006(Not translated)Edit