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THIS IS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND WELL WISHERS. Darkness has a sense of insecurity ,fear ,and timidity it also a blanket covering ,underdevelopment inferiority and poverty.A lighting body in the midst of darkness ,would change things instantly ,so since ,our name "Bright light Organization"is Luminous mind intending to bring light in our society the light is Education which we intend to bring in the Darkness,"illiteracy"and all that it covers i.e Underdevelopment,poverty,misuse of abilities etc.Its our wish that we start up a body "Bright light Organization"to Educate youths and Adults those who did not get opportunity to study secondary level includes:Street children ,Orphans, illiterate widows and most vulnerable children(MVC) and people with disabilities .We therefore calls upon support of advices,materials or finance from all our friends and well wishers .

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