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(image) – Bright light Organization and ECD team discussing how to help children under 5 years in Geita Regional.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The first one is the region chairperson of the people with Albinism mr.Isaac Timothy-Geita providing the magazine which will be using in the training for how to stop the killing the people with Albinism in Geita ,middle one is the Exeucutive Director at BLF Mr.Mathew Daniel receiving some of materials.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – THIS IS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND WELL WISHERS. Darkness has a sense of insecurity ,fear ,and timidity it also a blanket covering ,underdevelopment inferiority and poverty.A lighting body in the midst of darkness ,would change things instantly ,so since ,our name "Bright light Organization"is Luminous mind intending to bring light in our society the light is Education which we intend to bring in the Darkness,"illiteracy"and all that it covers...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Timu ya Brightlight walipotembelea katika kituo cha afya cha wilaya ya Geita na kutoa msaada kwa baadhi ya wagonjwa.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Brightkight Organization and Hope relief orphans village making the agreement for how to corporate the compain about prevent the killing people with Albinism in Geita region at Brightlight Office.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – VOLUNTEERS OPPORTUNITIES IN BRIGHT LIGHT ORGANIZATION_GEITA, TANZANIA – Bright Light Organization is located at Geita District in Geita Region. Geita's main economic activity is mining, there is plenty of Gold and Copper in this place so the majority of the Comunity engage themselves in small scale mining and most of them are children under (18) eighteen years of Age. So as...(Not translated)Edit
RE: SHARE PARTNERSHIP WITH BRIGHT LIGHT ORGANIZATION GEITA - TANZANIA. – Bright Light Organization is a Non-Profit and private Organization (CBO) which provides social services based on widows, vulnerable children, health, people with disabilities and environmental conservation. Bright Light is located at Geita District in Geita Region. Geita Region is found in Tanzania, East Africa. – Bright Light...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The Excutive Director of Brightlight Organization Mr.Mathew Daniel Masolwa and Mr.Shija Clement Kinyata from the hope relief orphans village visting the project of natural water resource which done by Brightlight Organization in 2013 at Geita town council.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The chief executive director of the hope relief and orphans children village Organization(HRVO)Mr.Shija Clement Kinyata left side with Technical advisor Mr.Jonathan S.Mandia of Bright Light Organization(BLF)in BLF head office discussing how to prepare strategies for stooping violation of the people with albinism among Geita and Lugeye viilage at Magu district,Mwanza region.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – whitney from United state of America playing with the children at Bright light Organization providing Early childhood stimulation(ECD)(Not translated)Edit