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Briefly Report on Meetings with Village Development Committee/Ward Development Committee/ Ward Child Protection Teams/ and Traditional leaders (January-May 2015) – Agape AIDS Control Programme (AACP) is a local Non-Governmental Organization with her head offices in Shinyanga Municipal in Shinyanga Region and it is undertaking different programs among others been provision of legal aid services to vulnerable...(Not translated)Edit
Agape AIDS Control Programme among other activities engages in legal aid provision to the marginalized communities including children and women. See the attached Report on legal aid services (document)(Not translated)Edit
In discussing the first Draft National Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania on August, 2013 Agape Aids Control Programme through its formed constitutional forum with 100 members, Agape was able to organize and run the forum for three days 26.08.2013 to 28.08.2013 under sponsorship of Foundation for civil society (FCS) which was attended by 84 members that is women, men and young girls and boys had an equal opportunity too to participate and 15 of all members attended the forum...(Not translated)Edit
Briefly Report on School club meetings conducted in 20 schools were Stop Child Marriages Project Implemented – The Stop Child Marriages Project being implemented by Agape AIDS Control Programme ni the Districts of Kishapu and Shinyanga Rural has among other programs or activities resulted into the formation of 60 school clubs with more than 900 members (453 girl children and 452 boy children) whose main theme is to create awareness and sensitize school children...(Not translated)Edit
Agape AIDS Control Programme in 2014 collaborated with Human Right Watch _Women Division from New York USA to undertake a research namely “No Way Out,” Child Marriage and Human Rights Abuses in Tanzania, Amongst other things, the research examines how child marriage severely limits girls’ access to education, exposes them to exploitation and violence-including marital rape and reproductive health risks. It examines the gaps in the...(Not translated)Edit
TAARIFA ZA MRADI WA KUWASAIDIA VIJANA WAUZA CHIPS KUPATA STADI ZA BIASHARA NA KUTENGENEZA MATOROLI YA CHIPS ZINAZOTEMBEA (MOBILE CARTS VENDING CHIPS PROJECT) – Mradi huu ulikuwa unatekelezwa na Shirika la Agape AIDS Control Programme na ulikuwa unafadhiliwa na Shirika la Kazi Duniani (International Labour Organizatio-ILO) Kupitia Foundation For Civil Society (FCS). Lengo kuu la Mradi huu lilikuwa ni...(Not translated)Edit
Stop Child Marriages Project, Annual Report 2014 – In this annual report Agape AIDS Control Programme looks back on the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt from the period of January 2014 – December 2014. The report was primarily discussed and written during the organizational annual general meeting in December 2014 by different department teams. The creation of the report is therefore a part of Agape AIDS Control Programme’s internal learning process as well as our...(Not translated)Edit
If you want to end child birth and pregancies in Schools (primary and secondary school) give them (the children/students) voice by capaciting them with knowledge and let them into groups so as to have bound voice of SAYING NO to all forms of child abuse. Have a look on this picture below on how we meet the pupils, students or children and youth in schools and teach them on child rights and facilitate formation of groups for raising their voice against all forms of child abuse in schools and...(Not translated)Edit
See the attached Training Report on Behaviour Change and Sexual Reproductive Health Right, conducted in Shinyanga and Kishapu District (document)(Not translated)Edit
The Kenyan Daily Post – BIZARRE: 14 year old MARRIED forcefully as seventh wife in Trans Nzoia – The Kenyan DAILY POST ...(Not translated)Edit