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(image) – Mrs.Maguma Masoro(a couple disabled with seven children).She has no tri-cle bicycle to help her move. She was walking by crawling due to lack of tri-bicycle as a result she emerged a swollen into her right leg joint. Your generosity support is needed. Lets join hands to support this mother.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Mr.Maguma Masoro(a couple disabled with seven children).He owns tri-bicycle to help him move. Currently, the bicycle has no tyres, rings and other bicycle spare parts to work. In this fact,he was walking by crawling yet. Your generosity support is needed. Lets join hands to support him the tri-bicycle.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Pastor Jackson Kisarwa from Mennonite church Kirumba Mwanza annauncing an issue to the church worshipers before starting fundraising, the exercise conducted with TEHDSO into different churches to support the sick, disabled and vulnerable children.(Not translated)Edit
A school girl at Kurukerege Primary School living in Kurukerege village, Musoma Rural Mara region Tanzania. The girl was visited by TEHDSO leaders in 2016 at school and his family when conducting baseline survey for pupils with disability against their physical, mental awareness v/v school situation and academic performance and their social interactions and acceptance in the community and family. The girl is attending to school with many difficulties compared with other pupil who has no...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Mr & Mrs.Maguma Masoro(a coupled disabled with seven children, at their home, Kigera etuma village Musoma rural district).All of them have no trIi-bicycle to help them move. They were walking by crawling due to lack of trycle bicycle during working into various activities.Your generosity support is needed. Lets join hands to support them.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – This is the area where people destroyed tree and disturb the nature of the orginal environment – (the site were identified by tehdso members and reported the incedence to the ten cell leader) – (image) – These are tehdso members surveying the destroyed site at rwamlimi street in Musoma urban – (the cut trees were burnt for charcoal,...(Not translated)Edit
This, is a mother with spinal fructure since 2012 after been fallen while supporting her 3 sick childerns at Bugando medical centre,from that time up to date this patient is lying on,in her matress over 7 years. – It was due to lack of finance and other supports that caused this patient not to get cured or relief because no right treatment against her diagnosis.This mother has 4 children,2 of them are suffering from Epilepsy and their conditions are deteriorating day after day,1...(Not translated)Edit
An office of CDR training centre which serves as TEHDSO office for Musoma district (rural) 2018 (image) Andreas Migiro,CDR and TEHDSO Coordinator for Musoma District (rural) in the office at Nyakatende village,giving explanation about his responsibilities (image) Andreas Migiro (CDR and TEHDSO District Coordinator) explaining about a project concerning with Commercial Sex Exploitation to Children (CSEC),the project was conducted by...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Some of the church leaders from Mennonite Church, Kirumba Mwanza conducting local fundraising in the church after receiving Diabetes training from Dr.Joseph Musagasa(the TEHDSO Executive Director). The fundrasing aimed to support sick, disabled and vulnerable children. The fundraing was successfuly as the church worshipers provides monetary, used clothes and shoes.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The TEHDSO Executive Director(Dr Joseph Musagasa) visiting Mama France at her home, Kwangwa street Musoma Mara region. She sustained spinal cord in 2009 and has been in door for 9 years now. She wish he could go out and see the world, meet friends, going to church and socialize just like others. – The patient suffered from paralysis after spinal fracture 9 years ago. We ask your...(Not translated)Edit