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Finance(Not translated)Edit
(image) – OVCT has planned to train more than 40 orphan children and youth about Tailoring and Welding in 2018. This program is sustainable because the orphan children and youth after been trained about Tailoring and Welding, they will also continue to train other orphan children and youth under OVCT supervision. So, we as OVCT organization members believe that many of the orphans and vulnerable children and youth will have been trained...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Msanja Women group, they are singing in celebrating the Introduction of Tailoring and Welding program OVCT organization wants to undertaker in order to uplift the orphans and vulnerable children and youth by training them about tailoring and welding. The event took place on 5th March 2018 at Puma.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Orphan youth who have come to the OVCT office are given clothes aid; and also they are the ones to be trained about Tailoring. The event took place on 3rd February at the OVCT office.(Not translated)Edit
Volunteers(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The orphans and vulnerable children with their caregivers are holding up the materials given by OVCT at Ighuka village on the same day on 4th November 2017.(Not translated)Edit
Profile(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The child Ibrahim Karani with clothes and school materials provided by OVCT members. This child is an orphan one who lives with his grandmother while his mother is away at home being with mantle craziness. An event has taken place at Ibrahim's areas on 28th Sept 2017.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – "The children are source of success in a family if they are well cared for", said the facilitator when he was educating the caregivers at Ighuka village on 4th November 2017. He said, "If the children are not well cared for and loved, instead they are rebukes, harsh worded, etc; they can move from home and go to towns to find some works; and there they meet with wonderful challenges in their life". Let us as parents and caregivers of the children be...(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Orphans and vulnerable children with their caregivers are provided with clothes at Ighuka village by the OVCT organization on 4th November 2017(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Rehema Philimon, who is a kindergarten class teacher at her home, when OVCT members visited her with her kindergarten class pupils last month; it is today on 7th August 2017 that OVCT members have visited her and support her kindergarten class pupils with pencils, and support her with the wheel chair tubes, because she uses a wheel chair to ride to somewhere. Her wheel chair was without tires tubes so that she could not travel anywhere. OVCT also...(Not translated)Edit
Vision(Not translated)Edit
(image) – The guest of Honor Puma Ward Development Administrator is Introducing the Tailoring and Welding program which OVCT organization want to undertake for the orphans and vulnerable children and youth. The event was on 5th March 2018 at Puma (a small town).(Not translated)Edit
Mission(Not translated)Edit
Organization Structure(Not translated)Edit