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(image) – some of the victims of child domestic workers and early pregnancies who have opted to under take tailoring classes at agape(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Training on child protection to community leaders at Iselamagazi Teachers' Resource Center in Iselamaghazi ward, Shinyanga Rural(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Our participation on the international youth day in Arusha in 12th August, 2013. It is this day our partner/donor ILO conducted a knowledge sharing events with youth project managers from three countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)under the y2y programmee, second from right is the Agape Programme Coordinator Mr. Japhet Daud(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Our sponsored OVC at Ngokolo Secondary School discussing something with our youth worker "Hellena Mburuko"(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Y2Y 2012 ILO grantees Organization representatives from three east African Countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Sponsored OVC by Agape at Town Secondary Schoolin a group picture with our volunteer "Adili Nyaluke"(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Visited OVC at Town Secondary school by agape staff "Peter Amani" on the left side sharing something with them(Not translated)Edit
(image) – some of the supported victims of early pregnancies and marriages by agape making preparation for QT exams in October, 2013(Not translated)Edit
(image)(Not translated)Edit
(image) – some of our sponsored OVC at Mwasele Secondary School in a group picture with the agape staff "Peter Amani" at the middle(Not translated)Edit
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