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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania

A school boy at Kurukerege Primary School living in Kurukerege village, Musoma Rural Mara region Tanzania. The boy was visited by TEHDSO leaders in 2016 at school and his family when conducting baseline survey for pupils with disability against their physical, mental awareness v/v school situation and academic performance and their social interactions and acceptance in the community and family. The boy is attending to school with many difficulties compared with other pupils who has no disability. His performance sometimes is interrupted with his disability. His family is poor. This boy,has had fallen on  a stone and been injured on his right arm,the condition that make him to be treated at home (locally),where the wound became infected and took a very long time,this boy is living with his Grandfather.Then the grandfather decided to take him to hospital,the doctors decided to do amputation but the grandfather refused and took the patient back home and local treatment continued,the grandfather explained that he didnt take the boy to hospital soon due to poor economic status.Then,the boy got healed with short limb with contracture of the limb and fingers as you see.

We do encourage you to support this boy for physiotherapy,family expenditures inluding shool uniforms and other school materials,meals and treatment supports,thank you.

May 1, 2018
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