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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania

An office of CDR training centre which serves as TEHDSO office for Musoma district (rural) 2018Andreas Migiro,CDR and TEHDSO Coordinator for Musoma District (rural) in the office at Nyakatende village,giving explanation about his responsibilitiesAndreas Migiro (CDR and TEHDSO District Coordinator) explaining about a project concerning with Commercial Sex Exploitation to Children (CSEC),the project was conducted by WATOTO WAPINGE UKIMWI ORGANIZATION (WWU) with funds from Nertherlands.Andreas Migiro (CDR and TEHDSO Coordinator Musoma District) explaining about Bio-Sand Water Filters (BSFs) which are supported by Friendly Water for the World-US.The filters are constructed at CDR training centre at Nyakatende village,the filters are of much significance for Health,Environment and Economical support for disabled,widows and HIV positive women who are supported at the Training Centre in collaboration with TEHDSO.Andreas Migiro (the CDR and TEHDSO District Coordinator) giving explanation about the different sizes of gravels and sand used to install the Bio-Sand Water Filters (BSFs),a technology of Friendly Water For The World-US. In collaboration with CDR,TEHDSO and HRCO all are making a serious effort to make the use of these filters in the community possible,as they are very vital in serving environment,giving clean and safe water as well as Economic support.A Bio-Sand Water Filter installed at a private dispensary at Nyakatende village. The installation of the filter was funded by Ginny Stern-Friendly Water for the World-US during her visit in Mara on 7th December 2017.Gideon Zakaria,one of the poor children supported by CDR and TEHDSO during his tailoring training at CDR training centre.

May 6, 2018
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