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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania

Pastor Jackson Kisarwa from Mennonite church Kirumba Mwanza annauncing an issue to the church worshipers before starting fundraising, the exercise conducted with TEHDSO into different churches to support the sick, disabled and vulnerable children.

Some of the church leaders from Mennonite Church, Kirumba Mwanza conducting local fundraising in the church after receiving Diabetes training from Dr.Joseph Musagasa(the TEHDSO Executive Director). The fundrasing aimed to support sick, disabled and vulnerable children. The fundraing was successfuly as the church worshipers provides monetary, used clothes and shoes.

Mr.Maguma Masoro(a couple disabled with seven children).He owns tri-bicycle to help him move. Currently, the bicycle has no tyres, rings and other bicycle spare parts to work. In this fact,he was walking by crawling yet. Your generosity support is needed. Lets join hands to support him the tri-bicycle.

Mrs.Maguma Masoro(a couple disabled with seven children).She has no tri-cle bicycle to help her move. She was walking by crawling due to lack of tri-bicycle as a result she emerged a swollen into her right leg joint. Your generosity support is needed. Lets join hands to support this mother.

Mr & Mrs.Maguma Masoro(a coupled disabled with seven children, at their home, Kigera etuma village Musoma rural district).All of them  have no trIi-bicycle to help them move. They were walking by crawling due to lack of trycle bicycle during working into various activities.Your generosity support is needed. Lets join hands to support them.

The TEHDSO Executive Director(Dr Joseph Musagasa) visiting Mama France at her home, Kwangwa street Musoma Mara region. She sustained spinal cord in 2009 and has been in door for 9 years now. She wish he could go out and see the world, meet friends, going to church and socialize just like others.

The patient suffered from paralysis after spinal fracture 9 years ago. We ask your generocity support for her treatment. If you want to support him, please inbox or call +255 785 924 890



This is the area where people destroyed tree and disturb the nature of the orginal environment

(the site were identified by tehdso members and reported the incedence to the ten cell leader)


These are tehdso members surveying the destroyed site at rwamlimi street in Musoma urban

(the cut trees were burnt for charcoal, while we are not encouraging such actions)

                           tehdso office chamber at Nyashishi - Ntende, headquarter - Mwanza


A house of mama france (an 8 years bed ridden patient due to spinal fracture at Kwangwa) the house built with tehdso in collaboration with the seventh day adventist church in Musoma urban)

                                      tehdso registration certificate


                           tehdso transport out of tehdso office at Nyashishi - Ntende Mwanza

An office of CDR training centre which serves as TEHDSO office for Musoma district (rural) 2018Andreas Migiro,CDR and TEHDSO Coordinator for Musoma District (rural) in the office at Nyakatende village,giving explanation about his responsibilitiesAndreas Migiro (CDR and TEHDSO District Coordinator) explaining about a project concerning with Commercial Sex Exploitation to Children (CSEC),the project was conducted by WATOTO WAPINGE UKIMWI ORGANIZATION (WWU) with funds from Nertherlands.Andreas Migiro (CDR and TEHDSO Coordinator Musoma District) explaining about Bio-Sand Water Filters (BSFs) which are supported by Friendly Water for the World-US.The filters are constructed at CDR training centre at Nyakatende village,the filters are of much significance for Health,Environment and Economical support for disabled,widows and HIV positive women who are supported at the Training Centre in collaboration with TEHDSO.Andreas Migiro (the CDR and TEHDSO District Coordinator) giving explanation about the different sizes of gravels and sand used to install the Bio-Sand Water Filters (BSFs),a technology of Friendly Water For The World-US. In collaboration with CDR,TEHDSO and HRCO all are making a serious effort to make the use of these filters in the community possible,as they are very vital in serving environment,giving clean and safe water as well as Economic support.A Bio-Sand Water Filter installed at a private dispensary at Nyakatende village. The installation of the filter was funded by Ginny Stern-Friendly Water for the World-US during her visit in Mara on 7th December 2017.Gideon Zakaria,one of the poor children supported by CDR and TEHDSO during his tailoring training at CDR training centre.

This, is a mother with spinal fructure since 2012 after been fallen while supporting her 3 sick childerns at Bugando medical centre,from that time up to date this patient is lying on,in her matress over 7 years.

It was due to lack of finance and other supports that caused this patient not to get cured or relief because no right treatment against her diagnosis.This mother has 4 children,2 of them are suffering from Epilepsy and their conditions are deteriorating day after day,1 child were suffering from Rectal prolapse and only one child is fine (has no chronic health illness).

The mother was married through "Nyumbantobhu" custom of which a woman marry a woman,men are to impregnant the lady.So she has no any assistance with this situation,but some volunteers from our organization with other members like those from SDA church Kamunyonge street are trying to support and help this mother but the support is not enough to care all family members,although we achieved build a small house for this family.In  deed this patient needs support for treatment to abroad countries like India,Israel or any other country with experties on spinal fructures.We do ask you to support this mother and her childrens in any way like treatment,physiotherapy,clothing,food,transport,spritual,health insurance,and psychological support.May our Lord bless you,thanks.Here is a patient on matress with dr joseph musagasa on left side (the tehdso executive director) the next is her baby Stella and on the right side is volunteering woman who cares our patient.The tehdso executive director, dr joseph musagasa on left side with francis on right side (one of the epileptic child) on discussion about the family problems and supports.Stella showing where she sleeps with her epileptic sister (here is a torn,very thin,pierce of matress that is used as a bed.Here is the tehdso executive director,dr joseph musagasa talking with stella (left side) and francis (right side),both are childrens of paralytic and unconscious mother over 7 years.Please we humbly ask you to support this family,and let our Almighty God bless you.This is mama francis house which were built by tehdso volunteers,SDA church members of Kamunyonge street,this work done by voluntary basis.The house is located in maeneo ya kwangwa Musoma rural near Ndobo residence (a former MP - member of parliament) Thank you

A school girl at Kurukerege Primary School living in Kurukerege village, Musoma Rural Mara region Tanzania. The girl was visited by TEHDSO leaders in 2016 at school and his family when conducting baseline survey for pupils with disability against their physical, mental awareness v/v school situation and academic performance and their social interactions and acceptance in the community and family. The girl is attending to school with many difficulties compared with other pupil who has no disability. His performance sometimes is interrupted with his disability. His family is poor.This girl had injection doses of quinine and been injected in a buttock,few days later a girl started experiencing severe leg pain which radiated to toes of his leg,then the leg started becoming weak.This condition prevented a girl to attend to school for some days.Later on the toes became with tinglings and numbness and the toes started becoming shorter with wound formation,then the wound healed but the toes are still atrophying and the limb moves with gate and is becoming shorter and still has persistency of limb pain.

This girl is looking for support from anybody or any institution for medical check up and treatment,school materials,food and transport.We humbly admire your support,thank you.