Executive Director Dr Joseph Musagasa giving tehdso documents to Mr Christopher Gamba to operate as Program Coordinator (National level)

Executive Director Dr Joseph Musagasa giving tehdso documents to Mr Andreas Migiro, the District Coordinator Musoma Rural so as to start operating as TEHDSO leader in Musoma rural District

Executive Director Dr Joseph Musagasa giving office documents to the Musoma manicipal coordinator Dr Gideon Mkingira so as to start operating in Musoma as TEHDSO leader


Junior Makaranga, 8 years child boy who got into ill health problems one year  after birth, whereas he started with rigidity of the joints and hyperactive of muscle reflex, the condition that caused him not to be able to sit, walk, talk and eat. Has been treated in health centres with no relief and the family has no money for searching further medical care to advanced health settings, we humbly request you on assistance of funds for the better survivor of this young boy, stay blessed.

These are Disabled people, HIV and AIDS victims, Widower and Blind with their childrens attended for receiving clothes and juices that were donated by Menonite Church members of Kilumba and tehdso. Already received the materials.


The TEHDSO Executive Director supplying clothes donated by Menonite Church members of Kilumba Mwanza to Orphans and Vulnerable Children at Kigeraetuma Musoma DC, already supplied juices to all children attended as you can see.


Orphans and Vulnerable children drinking juices supplied by TEHDSO team

A Marasmic child with complications who were kept in house for over 2-3 months sick. The child discharging wounds over the back and buttocks. The TEHDSO staff in collaboration with the local government leaders of Mtakuja and Misungwi suburbs Usagara village (including other Samaritan boy) visited the family and found a very ill child and contributed their pocket money for transport and other expenses to Misungwi District Hospital for child medication. Still your generous support is highly requested to rescue the life of this child.

Bahati Chaha is a 3 year boy child, born without arms (Armless) at Ekungu village, Musoma Rural District Tanzania. He is eating and drinks using his feet. He is the 6th child in the family. When born armless his father denied him that he is not his biological child and that he is a curse to his family and decided to leave the family and marry another wife. On the other side, his mother also tried to kill Bahati, but luckily the exercise was not fulfilled. Currently she was lived with her family of 8 children (after received counseling from Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization-TEHDSO) as a single mother into difficult circumstances. Bahati needs special support for his future life as his mother has no income generating activities for the family. If you want to support, please contact the TEHDSO Executive Director phone numbers +255 785 924 890/+255 768 402 996

The Executive Director, Dr.Joseph Musagasa clothing Bahati Chacha(the boy child born without arms-Armless during his home visiting to the family and provides clothes to other siblings within the family.

Bahati Chacha(the boy child born without arms-Armless with his mother eating potatoes using his feet.