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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania


This is TEHDSO vehicle that is used for its activities, it has been repaired to achieve the goals, anybody who wishes to work with us and support is very much welcome, it is better if you support other vehicle that can go to remote areas especially those with four wheel drive, thanks


Here are some of the TEHDSO youths designing and assembling beds and other accessories at their working station

TEHDSO youths repairing min bus at the TEHDSO YOUTH PROJECT as one of their activities, these activities reduces number of young people on street and unemployment, if you are young people come and join with us.

It is "Siku ya Mtoto wa Africa" (the day of African Child) on 16/6/2019 Musoma District at Nyakatende village which were coordinated by Musoma dc with the Guest of honour was the District commissioner  of Musoma District, the activity were participated by TEHDSO and CDR in collaboration with PCI, AIC-waache wasome project, Watoto Wapinge Ukimwi (WWU).

The second man you see is the District Commissioner of Musoma DC the Guest of honour with his team at the celebration site on 16/6/2019 on Siku ya Mtoto wa Africa at Nyakatende village

These are the disabled and the poor people on Siku ya Mtoto wa Africa,

some will be given Community Health Fund from TEHDSO through the Guest of Honour


The TEHDSO Regional Coordinator of Mara Region Mr Andreas Migiro elaborating to the Guest of Honour about TEHDSO and its activities especially in Musoma dc together with its duties in other regions

These are young boys regarded as part of the Parliament, the one reading to the Guest of Honour is Mr Speaker of the Parliament


These are some of the Ministers of the Parliament while waitng for debate with the Member of Parliament

The Guest of Honour shaking hands and give CHF card to Mr Maguma Masoro, a disabled man who walks by using his hands and wist, the man has a wife who has the same disability, a child nearby is his biological child, the CHF has been provided by TEHDSO for six people in the family.

The Guest of Honour shaking hands and give CHF card to a disabled woman who has given CHF that has supported by TEHDSO for six people in the family.

  The Guest of Honour shaking hands and give CHF to a child with his blind grandmother, they are 
given CHF that has supported by TEHDSO for six people in the family. 


 The Guest of Honour shaking hands and give CHF to a child with disabilty (has humped back since childhood), they are given CHF that has supported by TEHDSO for six people in the family. (NB: At this event TEHDSO has supported CHF for thirty people)

You are advised to partcipate in one way or another on supporting the disabled,the poor and the sick and our Almighty God will make you live forever, Amen

                                                  (Stay blessed)



All are people who get support and different services from TEHDSO, here Andrea Nasena visited these people and talk to them on what to do and how can work together with them

This is the first day of arrival of Andrea Nasena at TEHDSO office, welcomed by the Executive Director Dr Joseph Musagasa at the headquarter Usagara Mwanza

Andrea Nasena is the volunteer at TEHDSO from Belgium, she is preparing for orientation from the Executive Director, this is the office for the people, you are all welcome to work with us.

Here are design of beds for home use and school uses, press your order now

As you see, this is the TEHDSO YOUTH PROJECT that are able now to design some of the house wares, place your order for the cheapest and quality services. 

This is a disabled man called Mr Maguma Masoro of Kigeraetuma village with his bicycle as you can see it before repair, already a bicycle is ready for use, we shall send to you a photo while handling it to Mr Maguma. The second man is TEHDSO PROGRAM OFFICER Mr Christopher Gamba recording some informations given by Mr Maguma.

         "HELP THE POOR GOD WILL MAKE YOU LIVE FOREVER" Stay blessed from these words, Amen.

A bicycle for the disabled that has been repaired by TEHDSO YOUTH PROJECT, it is for Mr Maguma who lives in Kigeraetuma Musoma DC Mara region, this bicycle has not used for many years and this man has difficult on walking since childhood, TEHDSO leaders has managed to repair it from finencial support of Aline Nasena from Belgium (mother of Andrea Nasena) our volunteer who stayed with us for more than two months. This is the support that supported by Nasena Family from Belgium, we thank you all the family for your genuine support, let our Almighty God stay and bless all of you for this impressive support.

The repair is now over, so that within few days to come we are arranging to hand it over to Mr Maguma with his family and really start using it, we advice you to support the sick, disabled, children, youth and women through TEHDSO because is the organization that reaches many people in Tanzania. 

TEHDSO has opened what is so called "TEHDSO YOUTH PROJECT" at Usagara Center Mwanza Region wherby a small youth group has joined together and being supplied Welding Machine and other accessories for their growth and development, all that you see are furnitures made by these young boys, they now invite you to support them on purchasing their furnitures and give more orders.

Executive Director Dr Joseph Musagasa giving tehdso documents to Mwalimu William Mabanga

to start working as Regional Coordinator