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Rural Women Development Initiative

The Rural Women Development Initiative is a Nongovernmental Organization here in Tanzania that has dedicated themselves to empower women in rural and marginalized areas to raise their voice so that they can be heard in the communities in responding to the challenges they have, lobbying and advocacy in policy and legislation concerning women and communities, capacity building and facilitate their participation in the decisions making bodies such as local government processes, monitoring of public resources in education, health, agriculture, promote and raising awareness of women's and child’s rights and human rights, good governance, gender violence, environmental conservation, climate change, fighting against diseases especially malaria and HIV/AIDs to the community which are threat to women and Children survival, poverty eradication and sustainable human Development.

The Rural Women Development Initiative was founded in 2011 and then officially registered as a Non Governmental Organization on 9th May, 2012 with Registration No. OONGO/OOOO5525 under NGO Act No. 24 of 2002 through the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children