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Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled

Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled

songea,mabatini street/mtaa, Tanzania



Tanzania mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI)  formally known as Ruvuma Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI)  was established  on 17th June 1999 and registered  as an NGO on 22nd November 1999 with  registration certificate No. So: 10140.  On the 3rd September 2008 PADI Complied under the NGO Act (2002) and received registration No. 0795.  To date the organization has a total number of 300 members, of whom 113 are male and 187 female. PADI mainly deals with water wells construction, provision of entrepreneurship skills, loans to small businesses and farmers, HIV/AIDS and older people, revolving animal schemes and sensitizing communities to support vulnerable older people (OP), disabled and poor at a grassroots level for the purpose of poverty alleviation in rural and urban areas. PADI is operating nationally and its head office is located in Songea Municipal depot near  Angaza office in Mabatini Street.




v           Disabled people,

v           Vulnerable elderly people

v           Poor people at grass root level


v           Loans provision,

v            Improving water supply in areas where there is no tap water or bore hole,

v           Basic needs to Older people,

v           Educating Community on importance of supporting Marginalized groups, age Care Education,

v           HIV/AIDS education to older people.


OPERATIONAL AREA: Rural and Urban areas in Tanzania.


v           Entry and annual fees from members,

v           Voluntary contributions from other stakeholders,

v           Donations from charitable organizations, private companies and other donors,

v            Grants or subsidies from the Government,

v            Income generating activities done by PADI.


AFFILIATION /MEMBERSHIP: PADI is linked to Local and National and International NGOs.

v           TANGO -Tanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organization since 2000,

v           Songea Older Persons Forum (SOPF) since 2001

v            TEN/MET –Tanzania Education Network since  2001

v           SONNGO- Songea Network of Non- Governmental Organization since 2003

v            Peer Water Exchange/Blue Planet Run Foundation (BPRF) water focused organization since July. 2008

 v PADI is an affiliate member of Help Age International since October 2011



2.1 Work done to dateincludes:

  • Revolving goat and Poultry project benefiting 6,437 older people, Disabled and their dependants in three councils including Namtumbo,Songea Municipal and Songea District Councils, Co- funded by EU and Help Age International valuing Tsh.140,000,000 implemented  in 2001-2008)


  • Conducted Older people securing their service delivery entitlements under MKUKUTA project benefiting over 9000 people including 400 older people, Funded by The Foundation For Civil Society through Help Age International(Tsh.40,000,000 implemented in 2006-2008)


  • Constructed 73 improved traditional water wells  and 6 bore holes  in Villages and 6 Secondary schools from municipal councils respectively benefiting over 12,000 people (valuing Tsh.83,000,000) Funded by Run For Africa, Peace Corps, Help Age International and Blue Planet Run Foundation, is ongoing project since 2003 to date.


  • Conducting  Micro-credit scheme to 1000  older people /MVC care givers caring for 3200 Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) funded by Cord Aid, Help Age International and Social Action Trust Fund (SATF) valuing Tsh.70,000,000 started in 2000 to date.


  • Improved Access to Health Rights and Entitlements for Older People and their Dependents, benefiting  22,000 people (12,000 women and  10,000 men) Co- funded by Cord Aid and Help Age International (ValuingTsh.763, 000, 000  started in 2009 –is on goingproject).
  • PADI organized fund raising event in on 15th August 2009 aiming raising funds for PADI centre construction which enabled PADI to raise Tsh.5.1 Million Cash.
  • We have Purchase and surveyed piece of land for PADI centre construction with size of 14 acres within SongeaMunicipality.
  • PADI is also supporting other NGOS within and out side Ruvuma region in planning and Managing Income Generating Activities for older people.