Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri


Through this picture, OVCT is educating the children and the caregivers by illustrating on how the orphans children are segregated, discriminated and harshly being treated by some caregivers around the villages. So the educator, is showing by an illustrating of the child who is on his head caring a heavy load which is not his size. So this is discrimination to the orphans and vulnerable children because they may be they don't have some one to speak on behalf of them. The Lesson was about to change our behavior from harshly treating the children to fairly treating them by providing them with their basic rights.

23 Februari, 2020
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Prosperity Emmanuel Piniel (Musambu-ikungi) alisema:
waooo! so beautiful that i can't imagine....may GOD lead your way foward.
23 Februari, 2020

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