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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

OVCC will be holding some discussions from 30th Oct, 2012 to 2nd Nov, 2012 with the primary and secondary schools teachers,of those schools around Puma ward, Mungaa Ward and Ihanja Ward for the goal of knowing how to do in order to improve Education especially by requiring volunteers to come and help teach our students at schools.

This is because at many schools there is a lacking of teachers almost in every Primary school and Secondary school mostly The Science Lessons teachers are needed.

After the discussion, OVCC as an Organization, will require volunteers from other organization for teaching at schools. If this is possible, there will be more improvement of education in the schools targeted. 

October 27, 2012
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Improving Education at schools.
October 27, 2012

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