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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

OVCC will have an event for supporting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) at

Dung'unyi  village on 12th May, 2012.

There will be some good lessons for cagivers being taught such as Nutrition, Well Care of OVC, and Life Skills. We never forget to remind the attendant about HIV prevention.

More than 68 OVC will be supported by school materials and other facilities.

All caregivers and villagers have been invited to participate and learn.

The Government Ward and vilage's leaders will participate.



Already children and their cagivers, government leaders and OVCC members are happy in the picture after finishing to teach and give the children school materials at Makiungu and Unyaghumpi villages on 17th March, 2012. Makiungu and Unyaghumpi villages are combined in one small town called Makiungu.


In this picture, children are happy after given school materials by OVCC Organization at Makiungu and Unyaghumpi villages on 17th March, 2012.


A supporting children event is taking place here at Makiungu and Unyaghumpi villages.The government leaders are sharing to give the children school materials such as pencils,pens and exercise books for uplifting their motive to learn.


Before starting teaching the caregivers and the children, in this picture the children are given sweets just to make them feel loved and recognized.The care givers are given sweets alike.This picture is an event also at Makiungu and Unyaghumpi villages.


At Makiungu and Unyaghumpi villages on 16th and 17th March, 2012 OVCC Members were teaching the caregivers of the orphans childen on how to "Fairly treat the orphans and vulnerable children, Child's rights and Nutrition.

Hi, stakeholders and volunteers,

OVCC Organization will have an event to support orphans and vulnerable children at Makiungu (a small town combined two villages which are Makiungu and Unyaghumpi), we will support them with school materials, clothes and school uniforms. About 75 orphans and vulnerable children are expected to be supported on that day, both Primary and Secondary school students and those who are not yet at school too.

The caregivers and the villagers will be invited to learn from the Leasons which will taught there such as Nutrition, Why Vulnerabily for the children (cause roots), and How to Care for orphans.

We welcome you and need your contribution so that we do it the best.


Bernard Sungi, (OVCC Chairman).

Here Sister Rechel Maumbuka who is the Secretary of the Organization is teaching the children together with the caregivers and whole croud about "Child rights".

She taught very well and the people enjoyed her teachings and promise that they will never torture the children or mistreat them, rather they will try their best to provide basic needs like other children. It was at Ilongero village on which this event took place on 11th Feb, 2012.

98 OVC were taught and supported. More than 50 caregivers attended out of Ward and Village's leaders.

On this picture Mr. Bernard Sungi is teaching Nutrition and the sources of vulnerability.

That women should have dietable meals for their health because they are the ones responsible to cary children in their stomach for nine months and nursing them, so they need good health for their work. They also work for more than 10 hours per day for the family activities than the men. Their health should also be well cared for in order to stop bearing children with mulnutrition. This an event took place on 11th Feb, 2012 at Ilongero village.

These children at Ilongero village who are orphans and vulnerable ones, are supported by OVCC Organization with school materials such as pens, pencils and exercise books for their educational emprovements. In this event, the Government leaders attended too, among of them was a Ward Exective officer (female), Village's Exective officer, Village's Chairman and Sub-village's chairmen. All the children at Ilongero village will never forget that day of 11th Feb, 2012 on which the volunteers from different countries of the world attended and participated an event, those countries in which volunteers are from is:- America, Australia and England.

Our goal is to make sure that the children come out of illeterate and have their trustable futurity.