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Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care [OVCC]

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care [OVCC]

Puma, Tanzania

OVCC  is developing a chicken project on which part of its products we use to support orphans and vulnerable children in their school uniforms, school fees and school materials, and the other part we develop the project. About 30 chickens O.V.C.C is now possesing after making some use of them for supporting orphans and vulnerable children. OVCC members do contribute from their pockets too to support these kind of children.

The other projects OVCC does is That by by  the end of this year 2012, we will be conducting seminars to some of the villages for the youth in them about HIV/AIDS Preventions and Life skills. About 128 are expected to be taught about HIV/AIDS in November, 2012 up to January 2013. We stir-up the community around the villages to take care of HIV/AIDS infectious causes so as to decrease HIV/AIDS infection and to care for positive HIV/AIDS.

Early from January 2013 up to the end of the year, OVCC will be conducting training about Nutrition,Health, Life Skills, Fairly caring of OVC to almost 20 villages for the caregivers and OVC.

OVCC also throughout the year 2013 will be creating small scalled projects with the caregivers groups who are in each villages (These groups have been organized by and are working with OVCC), so that these small scalled projects can uplift the income of the caregivers for supporting orphans and vulnerable children. OVCC members will be visiting those projects always and sharing with the government Aggriculture professionals for more counselling for the projects success and continue to train the community about HIV/AIDS Preventions and care for PLWHIVAs (People Living With HIV/AIDS).